Liberia Announces Candidacy For IMO Council Seat


London – Liberia has formally announced that it will seek a seat on the Council of the International Maritime Organization.

Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization, Isaac W. Jackson made the declaration on Wednesday, July 26 when Liberia served tea to sovereign representatives to IMO, in observance of Liberia’s 170th Independence Anniversary.

In his remarks, Ambassador Jackson said “the sheer size of the tonnage under Liberia’s flag point at our deep interest in the maritime industry, thus our determination to play a role in the more substantive aspect of guiding the IMO. We look forward to your support and cooperation in this endeavour.”

The council is the executive organ of IMO that takes decision in the absence of Assembly. Between sessions of the Assembly, the Council coordinate all activities of the Organs of the organization.

Speaking further, Jackson offered public congratulations to the distinguished Liberian Diplomat, Lawrence Dehniah Barchue, Sr on his appointment as Assistant Secretary General of the IMO.

According to Jackson, “the Secretary General did the right thing by savoring the experience of Mr Barchue.”

On Liberia’s independence, Jackson said the observance is not only a milestone for the people of Liberia, but of the entire continent of Africa, and of all black people across the world.

He noted that the heroic action of Liberia’s independence saw a revolution that ended with an end to colonialism, and the recognition by all world powers – then and now – that all people have a right to self-determination.

Jackson added that since independence Liberia has continued to prove to the world that not only can we make a decision to end years of war and conflict in a dramatic way, but to also ensure justice for war victims and perpetrators.

“The leadership provided by our dynamic president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf over the last 12 years has shown to the world that indeed Africa can provide the leadership that can support inclusion, promote democracy, strengthen development and ensure peace,” Jackson added.

He concluded that with President Sirleaf’s retirement later this year, “Liberia is on track for the hosting of another rounds of democratic elections that will not only provide us a new corps of leaders, but one that will preserve the peace in our country and further our drive to development!”.

The Liberian delegation attending the 118th session of the IMO Council includes: Atty. Isaac W. Jackson, Jr, Head of Delegation and Liberia’s Permanent Representative to IMO; Mr. Harry T.Conway, Alternate Permanent Representative; Dr. Gustav Barnard, Senior Advisor to the Liberian Permanent Mission; and Mr. David Pascoe, Vice President for Operations, Liberia International Shipping and Corporate Registry (LISCR), as well as Mr. Gerard Kennedy, Technical Manager, Liberia International Shipping and Corporate Registry (LISCR).