Liberia: 24-Year-Old Man Declared Guilty for Murdering Elderly Woman


Monrovia – A 12-man jury has handed a unanimous guilty verdict against defendant Morris B. Togbah, 24, in a murder trial at Criminal Court “A”, Temple of Justice.

The 12-man jury in their verdict noted that defendant Togbah committed the crime purposely, willingly, and intentionally, contrary to the form, force, and effect of the Statutory Laws of Liberia, thereby contravening the peace and dignity of the state.

The jury in their verdict on Monday, August 29, noted, “We the trial jurors Unanimously agreed that the defendant is guilty of the crime of murder.”

On October 13, 2020, Defendant Togbah was arrested and charged with the commission of the crime of murder for gruesomely murdering deceased Rebecca Queelay with a green-handled kitchen knife.”

According to his indictment, the defendant on July 1, 2020, at about 1 am directly stabbed the deceased in the Logan Town Community, Bushrod Island in Montserrado County, while the deceased was asleep.

Accordingly, Defendant Togbah, during the same night of the incident, entered the house of the deceased and concealed himself in the bathroom under the cover of darkness with criminal intent to murder Rebecca Queeley.

“That as the deceased went to bed, you defendant Morris B. Togbah to be identified, used the aforesaid green-handled kitchen knife, willfully, purposely, knowingly and intentionally struck deceased on the left side of her chest, under her left Breast, thereby directly causing her fatal death.”

At the same time, the indictment stated that after the commission of the crime of murder, Defendant Togbah, without any sense of remorse for human value, abscond the crime scene and was later arrested on the 13th of October, 2020.

Following his indictment and subsequent proceeding, the 12-man Jurors noted that Defendant Togbah committed the crime of murder, a felony of the first degree.

Meanwhile, Judge Roosevelt Willie, following the juror’s verdict noted, that having listened to the verdict, it is his honor to do communication with the Ministry of Justice, which will do a report on the defendant’s character and that said report will enable the court to make an informed decision on the defendant.