LEC To Launch a Flat Rate Pilot Project in Old Matadi


Monrovia – The Liberia Electricity Cooperation (LEC) has selected the Old Matadi Community to pilot a new project to connect customers to the national electricity grid on a monthly flat rate plan. The initial pilot phase of the project will target about 25 homes.

The aim of the pilot project is to increase access to electricity and at the same time help reduce power theft.

The project reinforces the LEC’s commitment to supporting the government’s pro-poor agenda to improve the livelihood of the people of Liberia.

After the pilot phase, the project would be extended to several other communities across the network area.

Speaking to residents of the Old Matadi on Thursday, the LEC Network Superior Patrick Smith, assured residents of the corporation’s commitment to providing affordable and reliable electricity to all parts of the country.

“This is our way of demonstrating to you residents of Old Matadi that LEC is changing the way we do business.”

“This is to show that we care about you,” Patrick said.

Mr. Smith further said the launch of the flat rate pilot project is a demonstration of LEC’s commitment to addressing some of the challenges face by its many customers and potential customers.

He cautioned residents of Old Matadi to properly wire their homes to avoid electrical shocks.

Mr. Smith also assured the residents that the LEC will install safety breakers to regulate the flow of electricity into their homes.

For his part, Executive Director for Commercial Services, Samuel Zimbe, called on residents to be responsible in the usage of the current by paying their bills regularly and on time.

“Residents of old matadi show be good citizen by paying their bill regularly and on time”. Mr. Zimbe said.

Mr. Zimbe admonished the residents to take charge of the pilot project as its success lies within their hands.

He called on the residents to be their own security so as to avoid power theft and the wrong usage of power supply.

Speaking on behalf of the community, Mr. Kemoh Sheriff thanked the management of the LEC for selecting Old Matadi for the launch of the project.

He assured the LEC that he and his team would work with the community in making sure the overall objective of the project is achieved.

The project would ensure that customers are connected to the LEC network without a meter. Customers under the flat rate project will be connected using 5 and 10 amp breakers.