Internal Religious Council Formulates Renewed Projects For Liberia


Monrovia – The Secretary General of the Inter Religious Council of Liberia (IRCL) Atty. Musa M. Bamba, has outlined series of programs expected to be undertaken by the institution over the next five years to buttress peace, stability, cohesiveness and proffer sustainable independent intervention during the 2017 general and presidential elections.

Atty. Bamba said despite government’s “lackadaisical” approach to the council in recent times, however, he stressed that the prosperous vision of the late Catholic Bishop Michael Francis and Sheik Kafumba Konneh will remain the cornerstone of the IRCL in fostering peace, unity and development since its establishment in 1990 as a religious intervention body.

 Briefing the media on the latest programs earmarked by the IRCL, Atty. Bamba, flanked by some executives, said the institution is currently overseeing child protection in several parts of the country, peace building, creeping extremism, teenage pregnancy, sexual exploitation and harmful traditional practices that affects women in the country.

“The Inter Religious Council of Liberia was founded in the early 1990s by innovative deceased Liberians in person of Catholic Bishop Michael Francis and Sheik Kafumba Konneh who saw the tragedy that was befalling on Liberians and decided to march to the American Embassy to highlight the plight of Liberians,” Atty. Bamba told newsmen.

Regrettably, Atty. Bamba revealed that despite the intervention of the IRCL in several conflicts since its establishment in 1990, the government and stakeholders have dumped the institution and only require their services during crisis, stressing: “We are rich from the Bible and Koran” and we will continue to work for Liberians.”

“This institution is a conglomeration of all religious organizations in the country, which includes the Liberian Council of Churches, National Muslim Council of Liberia and several faith based organizations, but we will remain focused in the interest of Liberians,” said Atty. Bamba.

Rationally, Atty. Bamba indicated that the programs earmarked by the IRCL, which is courtesy of the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), Carter Center and other international organizations will assist its program expected to be implemented throughout the country.

Atty. Bamba noted that despite non budgetary allocation from government, however, he stressed that the IRCL has resolved to implement several programs throughout the country and has announced that it will operate independently to avoid undue political influence by politicians or political groups.

 “In this public manner, the IRCL will like to announce to that the organization will not partner with other institutions especially during the 2017 general and presidential elections because as a religious body we want to remain absolutely independent and will avoid undue influence from politicians and political groups strictly because we want to remain neutral as always,” said Atty. Bamba.

 The Liberian legal luminary said the institution will strive to ensure that its program earmarked will be executed in conformity with national imperativeness, noting that Liberians should embrace the IRCL to bring about needed changes to the nation.

 “We have deduced that the partnerships sometimes undermine our credibility as an independent religious body in Liberia and we want to remain neutral throughout the elections and in several other processes across Liberia,” Atty. Bamba noted.

Although, the IRCL Secretary General said the organization will collaborate with civil society organizations and others in promoting good governance, peace and stability, however, he stressed that their activities will be void of undue influence for peculiar gains.

 With all the attending consequences, Atty. Bamba said the holistic implementation of all projects earmarked by the institution will be implemented, noting that the organization is striving to keep the dreams of its founders alive and memorable.

 For her part, the institution women desk coordinator Vera Garway stressed that the harmful traditional practices that have adverse implication on women in Liberia will be discouraged, noting that massive awareness has already begun during their experience in Grand Cape Mount County.

 She stressed that with renewed determination, the IRCL will bridge the gap and will undoubtedly remain committed to national duty, stressing that empowering and educating Liberian women about the dangers of harmful practices is unwavering.