Information Minister Threatens State Radio Reporter For Interviewing Opposition


Monrovia – Information Minister Eugene Nagbe was unruly temperamental at the close of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s final annual address, as he rained insults at opposition lawmaker, Moses Kollie and Journalists.

Report by Henry Karmo – [email protected]

The angry Information Minister threatened to dismiss a reporter of the Liberia broadcasting system after the journalist granted an interview to the Representative.

Emmanuel Capehart, conducting live outside broadcast for sate radio, ELBC, was seeking reactions from the lawmaker about President Sirlaf’s address.

Rep. Kollie is the Representative of electoral district %4, Lofa County and also Chairman of the opposition Liberia People Democratic party (LPDP) of former Speaker Alex Tyler who joined a coalition with the Coalition for Democratic change.

Erupting into uncontrollable resentment about why the opposition was allowed to speak on the state broadcaster, Minister Nagbe rained invectives on the lawmaker who had been asked about his response to the President’s speech, threatening the reporter.

“I will dismiss you; let put it to test and see,” Nagba shouted.

Kollie in response to the minister insults said: “For a minister of information to threaten a reporter of state radio for interviewing me shows his limitation and I have challenged him to do that. He threatened the reporter because he says I am an opposition and because of that I should not have been interviewed this shows how limited he is.”

The Lawmaker said one of the issues he spoke to was the misinformation provided by the President about how she claimed a glory that she does not deserve about introducing the county development fund stating that it was the legislature that introduced the County Development fund.

“I wasn’t speaking to the minister I don’t know why he got so furious about my interview,” Kollie said when his colleagues try to calming him down, Nagbe grew furious and continue to shout, blasting insults at reporters who also attempted inquiring from the rowdy Information Minister.

“You guys are making the scene not me; go to your seats if Moses Kollie is a man let him come to me. I am the answers to all of these mother f***ers.

Why didn’t you interview the Mother f***ers who were carrying casket. Your come interview me?

You’re stupid? Your get off my face f***ers,” Nagbe shouted at reporters.