GVL, Workers Union Sign Collective Bargaining Agreement


Monrovia – The management of Golden Veroleum Liberia and the Golden Veroleum Workers Union have signed a collective bargaining agreement to seek the welfare of all GVL employees.

Report by Edwin G. Genoway, Jr – [email protected]

The agreement was signed in the presence of other unions, including the Firestone Workers Union (FAWUL), National Labor Union among others.

Under the agreement, the company shall provide housing for its employees at no charge to them and there will be further undertakings to improve housing for the employees.

“Assignment of housing is entirely at the discretion of the company with regards to its developmental plans.

However, the Company shall give the amount of US$10.00 per month as housing allowances to employees who are yet to benefit from Company housing facilities directly or indirectly and same shall automatically stop should such employee be given or assigned a facility to be determined solely at the discretion of the Company,” a part of the agreement stated.

The President of the Golden Veroleum Workers Union (GOVAWUL), Stanley Carter, signed on behalf of the employees while the Human Resource Manager, Mr. Eric Goll, and the General Manager for Logistics Elvis Morris signed for the GVL management.

In a brief remark, the president of GOVAWUL, Stanley Carter, said the employees and management have been in the process of making the agreement possible since May 2015.

“It has not been easy, we been engaging the management since May 18, 2015 and thank God today this agreement is being signed between us and management,” he said.

Stanley said the agreement provides that upon termination of service, an employee must vacate the company’s house within one (1) working week except where the employee is dismissed on criminal ground where said shall leave the Company’s premises immediately.

“All retired employees will have maximum three (3) days to vacate Company’s premises,” he said.

 “The Company’s housing units are provided as residence for the employee and his/her dependents, and not for commercial purposes. Unauthorized persons found residing in the Company’s housing units shall be immediately evicted. Rental of the Company housing unit or any part thereof is strictly prohibited (GVL Housing Regulations), states the agreement.

Violation of any provision of the agreement is punishable under the Company’s Housing Regulation which is an integral part of this CBA.”

Rice Incentive

“The Company shall make available to all union members one (50kg) bag of rice (first preference is Liberian made rice or butter/white/ parboiled) as incentive if employee works minimum twenty three (23) days in any one month.

“The Company agrees to issue rice for Union members on or before the 7th day of each month.

“It is also agreed by both parties in the case of delay in the distribution of rice ration, The Company shall notify the Union on or before the 5th day of the month affected.

“In instances where rice deliveries are affected by a general shortage of rice in the Country or on the World market, transportation difficulties could also affect timely rice deliveries.

“In these instances, the Company will make every effort to issue rice at the earliest possible date. However, in spite of these efforts, if rice is still unavailable, the Company agrees to pay all Union members who are qualified for rice ration the cost of the rice per the market value at the time of distribution up to a maximum of US$40 per 50kg bag.

Medical Benefits

“The Company has agreed to undertake and provide its employees and their registered dependents free medical care in the Company’s Medical Center as prescribed by the Company Register Nurse (RN)/Doctor. 

“The Company shall provide periodic medical examination in the Company’s Medical Center upon request by the employee.

“For work related injuries, an employee shall be entitled to copy of accident report and medical opinion from the Company’s Medical Center after the final medical examination.

“Medical days-off will be given in writing by the RN/Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) as per the severity of the illness or injury.

“The Company undertakes to also provide ophthalmic services at the Company’s preferred Medical Center to ensure prompt treatment of occupational eye injuries


“The agreement says education shall be a benefit for all employees Registered Dependents.

“The Company will provide free education for all registered dependents of school age within the Company’s Sponsored schools as stated in the Concession Agreement in line with the Developmental Plan.

“The management will use the period of one calendar year to identify government’s schools within it concessional area as well as sign the relevant document with the government through the Ministry of Education and other requisite governmental authoritiesto ensure dependents are given the free education as promised.

“The Company shall provide scholarship opportunities for all of its deserving employees according to the company needs and or discretion.

The General Manager for Logistics at GVL, Elvis Morris, welcomed the agreement and thanked both the workers and management for coming to one agreement.

He said though there were challenges during the negotiation process of the agreement, he is glad it has been concluded with signatures.

“We have had challenges, yes we had disagreements, yes there has been up and downs but thank God we now have collective bargain.”

“On behalf of the management we say thank you to the visitors who are here to witness this occasion,” he noted.

He said implementation of the agreement is done both ways, saying if issues that are not done properly needed to be negotiated; it should not be done through violence.

“The management is always willing to negotiate and listen to challenges of the workers,” he stated.

He said with all of the economic meltdown that is causing many companies to close or downsize, the GVL is still moving forward and working strong.