Former TRC Chairman Verdier Cautions Perpetuators of Liberian War


Washington – Gone but not forgotten, the Chairman of the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission  (TRC), Counsellor Jerome J. Verdier has issued a strong warning to those he described as the “dogs of war” in the 14-year Liberian civil war that “the end is near” and “the wheels of justice will come banging on their front doors.

“In a strongly worded “Press Release” issued from his undisclosed US location, Cllr. Verdier said: “We are glad that the international arrests, detentions, deportations and travels ban of these war and economic crimes perpetrators will continue until they are eventually prosecuted for their heinous and egregious  crimes against human kind.

“There will be no hiding place. Not anymore,” the statement said.

“They killed our people with impunity, established themselves as lords of the land and enjoy ruining the lives of our people by making the proud and resilient people of Liberia very poor to the point of beggars in their own land” – the statement went on to add

“They are very corrupt and their ways are evil. They continue to steal with impunity and kill innocent people through their barbaric practices of human blood sacrifices and other means.”

“They will be haunted down, exposed, arrested and deported from their safe heavens and they will have no rest or peace until the wheels of justice come banging on their front doors.”

“As their reigns of the kleptocracy in Liberia comes to an end, we call on all Liberians to be vigilant and fight for justice and accountability and insist that any new government coming to power will be accountable and stand on the pillars of justice for all in Liberia to the end of the get-rich quick mentality of those who are holding public offices in Liberia. 

And that all human rights violators and war crimes perpetrators including corrupt government officials who heartlessly increased the price of a bag of rice and drinking water and other essential commodities in Liberia must not be elected or hold public office in government,” the statement noted.

The former TRC Chairman statement praised the United States government for its efforts along with the international community “in pursuing justice for Liberia by assuring that no haven will exist anywhere in the world for dogs of war, merchants of deaths in Liberia and the purveyors of poverty and corruption,” he noted.