Farewell To Trinity: Dean Herman Browne Leaves For Cuttington University


Monrovia – Dr. Herman Browne is moving on toward a new challenge. Worshippers at the Trinity Cathedral in Monrovia bade fare the well to Rev. Browne Sunday, who was recently elected as the new President of Cuttington University, the Liberian Episcopal Church’s highest institution of learning. 

Mae Azango [email protected] 

Dr. Browne has been Dean of the church since his appointment in April 2010. He told worshippers at a packed worship service Sunday that he is leaving the church with a heavy heart.

“My Dearly Beloved, as I leave the Cathedral for work in Suakoko, I leave heavy hearted, and not sure how well I have prepared myself for this day.  You have shared your time with me, your energy, your wisdom, your resources and even your homes. You have strengthened me by the many moments of candor and patience; by your commitment to duty and your trust in me.”

Dean Browne as he is called by worshippers and peers is taking over the Cuttington University in Suakoko Bong County, which became void following the departure of former President Dr. Henrique Tokpa. Dr. D. Evelyn Kandakar has been acting over the past year.

In his farewell Sunday, Dean Browne bravely told his Parishioners during his sermon, to work hard in the Lord’s vineyard and always do good, and never pay evil for evil.

“I urge you to keep up the peace of work begun. God is watching you, and this diocese is watching. While you are a parish, you are not just simply a parish. There is much to do, few laborers and so little time. But I am confident that he who has begun this work in you will see its completion. Never pay evil for evil, respect each other and Stay positive. Do not let each other down, Keep safe, Stay out of trouble and try to mind your own business,” Dean Browne said.

Dean Browne said he is always thankful to God and to the Bishop and the church for their prayers and support for what he was called to do at the Cathedral, adding that the church has clearly shown the many relationships forged over the years at different levels of intensity that have created a cherished bond between him and the parish and one he hopes will endure.

“By all means, have expectations, but just as there can only be one you, there is only one me, there can be only one Dean Browne. So as much as you can, yes expect much, but do not compare much. Be high in expectations but low in comparisons,” Dean Browne added.

After the sermon, Rev. Browne dedicated a baby to the Lord and prayed that the child grows up in the ways of the Lord.

The Trinity Church birthday club, turned over L$15,000 and US $500.00, from their birthday collection to Dean Browne for the church. Dean Browne then turned the money over to the church’s Treasurer.

As a goodbye to their dean, the church’s Sunday school class, sang a farewell song to Dean Browne and told him, they will miss him for his kindness toward them.

The Praise team from St. George Parish where Dean Browne once served performed a praise song dance for Dean Brown. Other groups in the church also said goodbye to Dean Browne and thanked him for his hard work in the church. And then the church prayed for the entire Browne’s family.

Dr. Browne, 50, acquired a Bachelor of Divinity (Honors) degree; and an Associate of Kings College in 1990 from the University of London. He also earned a Ph.D. in systematic theology from the University of London in 1994, becoming the first clergyman from the Episcopal Church of Liberia to earn a terminal degree in Theology.

Dr. Browne lectured for four years at the Simon of Cyrene Theological Institute in London (1991-94), and served simultaneously as Curate of the North Lambeth Parish, Kensington in South London, becoming the Dean of the Institute (1994) where he served for another two years, until he was appointed a Research Fellow of Yale University (USA) in 1996. Dr. Browne was Chairman of the Liberian Community Organization in the United Kingdom (1995-6). In June 1997, he was priested in Canterbury Cathedral. After five years, he was promoted to the Archbishop’s Senior Advisor on Anglican Communion Affairs; and made Canon of Canterbury Cathedral, the first African (or non-westerner) to hold a position of such significance in the British aristocracy.

That preferment landed him a permanent entry in 2005 into the International Directory of Who’s Who. He returned home in January 2005.

Born in 1965, Dr. Browne is fourth unto the union of Mrs Clavender Railey Browne and the Late Archbishop George D. Browne.

He graduated from the St. Patrick’s High School in 1982, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology (Cum Laude) from Cuttington University College in 1986, he was ordained Deacon the following year in the Episcopal Church of Liberia and served as Assistant Director for Christian Education, Chaplain to Bromley Mission and Curate of Grace Church, Clay Ashland.

Dr. Browne has authored eight theological books: Theological Anthropology: A Dialectic Study of the Africa and Liberation Traditions; 50 Things Your Pastor Forgot to Tell You: about God, You and the Bible; Grasshoppers No Longer: critical essays in western cultural history, theology and philosophy; and A Theologian’s Advice: how to avoid sincere, but misguided talk about God.