NEC Chairman Erred Through Utterances: Should Have Recused Himself From Appeal Hearing


Monrovia – The Supreme Court has opined that the Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) should have recused himself from the hearing of the Appeal filed by the Liberty and Unity Party having made utterances which were prejudicial to the case.

 Cllr. Korkoya is on record as describing the Liberty Party’s complaint of electoral fraud as political motivated and that the NEC stands by the election results.

The Supreme Court noted that the Board of Commissioners failed to refute the comments during their ruling, rather, noted his comments could not influence the Board’s decision.

 However, the Supreme Court noted that there is a certainly a point, where the chairman has to dissect the two major roles which he plays as chairman of the Commission and head of a legal appeal body.

 Justice Banks noted that the comments made by the Chairman were prejudicial to the proceeding even before the case could come before the Board.

 “It was particularly important the Chairman refrain from making comments on any issue in regards to the October 10 elections,” Justice Banks.

 According to the Supreme Court, the NEC Board of Commissioners were in serious error by denying the motion for recusal filed by the parties.