Criminal Haven: Randall Street Residents, Lebanese Merchants Complain of Insecurity


Monrovia – Residents and owners of businesses located on the Randall Street in Central Monrovia are complaining of insecurity due to marauding criminals on the streets during both day and night-time.

Several residents who spoke to FrontPageAfrica said they are finding it difficult to live in peace as a result of the activities of criminals who roam the street looking for opportunity to attack and snatch the personal belongings of people.

One Lebanese merchant who said he did not want to be named for fear that if quoted in a newspaper, his business will be more at risk to people he referred to as Randall Street Boys said, customers are afraid to even visit stores along the Randall Street mainly the side towards the beach even during the day because they fear that they can be attacked anytime by these criminals.

“People are afraid to walk on this street and when they think about buying to carry their goods, they do not venture here, because the criminals are all around the street, pretending that they are begging but they are looking for opportunity steal”, the merchant said.

The merchant also explained that even people who disembark their vehicles on Randall Street are often surrounded by these guys who pretend that they are begging for hand-out but in the end, they are on the alert to steal.

Even car tires and other parts of vehicles belonging to customers who park on the Street are sometimes removed by these criminals, another merchant also said.

“People are afraid to even park their cars here because by the time you come from buying in any of the stores, your tire or view mirror is gone”, one merchant lamented.

The merchant continued “Our customers are afraid to come here because when they even get down from the vehicles more than five people are around you begging for money, it is so embarrassing. So, how will you be free to come here the next time”?

Randall Street has also been suffering from armed robberies in the recent time.

Raiding the streets

Police Spokesman, Sam Collins when contacted said the Police have started the process of removing those who are roaming the streets in the name of begging from all the streets and other locations in and around Monrovia.

“We started the process of removing these people from the streets and we removed many people even yesterday. We will continue until the streets are cleared of these criminals”, Collins said.

According to Collins, several communities have been complaining about the activities of these individuals and the Police is working to make the city and environs safe and peaceful.

“The process of removing these criminals from the street will continue until, the people can have peace”, said Collins.

He said the Police have not received specific complaint about Randall Street, but it is dealing with the issue holistically.

Recently, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf named a new Police Inspector general and Deputy.

Gregory Coleman was appointed as head while Abraham Kromah who previously served the Police was reappointed.

Less than two weeks in office, the Police has started the process of chasing criminals from their hideouts. In the criminal infested Red Light Community, residents said on Monday, criminals commonly known as Zogos were seen running from the Police.

The Police is said to have demolished the hideouts of Zogos in several communities in and around Monrovia.