Children Living With Rep. Confirm Rape Victim Was Staying With Him


Monrovia – Two children living in the home of Representative Morias Waylee have confirmed that the victim was living in the home of Representative, but Rep. Waylee in an exclusive interview with FrontPageAfrica Tuesday maintained he never knew the girl.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo, [email protected]

Representative Waylee also maintains that he has never been involved in any sexual relationship with a minor.

The children (names withheld) who also live with Rep. Waylee at his Kings Farm residence told FrontPageAfrica last week that the 13-year-old rape victim lived with them and was tasked with washing the dirty dishes.

She sometimes cook, too, they said.

“She used to wash dishes, sweep the house and sometimes cook.”

“For me, when I came in, she didn’t stay long because she was pregnant,” one of the girls told FrontPageAfrica.

She continued: “I remember when we came on campus one day, she dropped on the line and the woman teacher took her to a class room, that was when she started getting sick every time.”

According to one of the girls, the 13-year-old was brought from Grand Gedeh to live with her aunty who happens to be Waylee’s wife and go to school.

Though they didn’t explain much, they confirmed that they attended the same school with the victim – Better Future School – which is about 10 minutes walk from Representative Waylee’s house.

One of the girls recalled: “One day her uncle who is the driver for our pa, came to the house and sat with the representative under the palava and they spoke Krahn, but I can’t understand that; so after some days, her father came to the gas station and sent someone to call her.

“ So she went to him and spent some time there, but I don’t know what they talked, but when she came home, she told our ma (Mrs. Waylee) that her pa (Uncle) sent her for her bag, so our ma got angry and told her to pack her bags and leave.

“Since she left, only her uncle came and told us that she called and said she has given birth to a girl child.

“The time she was here I tried asking her on the baby pa, but when I asked she can’t talk, so today we don’t know who gave her belly.”

Speaking of how fondly they remember her, one of the girls said, “she was always home, I remember sometimes we will play after school and she was always home, it was hard for her to leave the house.

“So how she got pregnant we don’t know because we and our ma or pa can’t talk and they will not tell us who pregnant her.”

Recently a classmate of the 13-year-old rape victim at the Better Future School in the King’s Farm community in Montserrado was the one who alerted school officials that the victim was pregnant.

Family sources told FrontPage Africa in early May that Waylee accepted responsibility for the pregnancy and has been supporting the girl, the baby girl’s family.

“When the student told us she was pregnant, we went looking for her,’’ said the proprietor of the Better future institute Teah Bull.

“We found her in the King’s Farm community, but she was always hiding, so we didn’t bother her.’’

School officials said they considered Waylee to be the girl’s father.

A young man from Waylee’s house handled the girl’s documents and school paperwork, said Bull

The teenager started skipping school in December, said Bull. One day, she passed out, he disclosed.

School officials tried to find out from the teen what was wrong with her, but she said, ‘My father told me not to talk to anyone,” said Bull. 

Every time officials attempted to talk to the teen about the pregnancy, she would run away, he said.

Also the family lived in Theresa’s house for about a year. Kaylee, she said, used to bring coal for the girl’s mother ( Uncle’s wife) to sell.

According to Theresa, she had no problem with who was coming, but only wanted her rent paid.

“For me, I want my money, your problem, I don’t follow,’’ she said.

Theresa said she knew the girl was pregnant, but she didn’t ask any questions.

“All these things, we must blame the girl’s father,’’ she said.

‘He’s harming the little girl because she was here pregnant. Who in this community doesn’t know the story?” she asked rhetorically.

But in an interview Tuesday with FPA, Waylee said he stands on his word that he doesn’t know the victim and has never come across her despite Police investigation.

“I have said over and over again that I don’t know the girl. Even the Police, I told them the same,” said Waylee.

“I don’t know why they are investigating me because no one filed a complaint against me.”

The Association of Female Lawyers recently called the parents of the victim to come forward to confide in them, but that has not happened since the call was made.