Children Forum Petitions Legislature on Alleged Rape of 13-Year-Old Girl


Monrovia – A group of children under the banner the Liberian National Children’s Representative have presented to the Legislature a petition demanding investigation and recusal of Representative Morias Waylee, of Grand Gedeh County in an alleged rape case.

Report by Henry Karmo –  [email protected]

Presenting the petition Tuesday to the lawmakers the group has requested the immediate arrest and placement behind bars for investigation and prosecution on counts presented by FrontPageAfrica.

The children’s group Tuesday hit the grounds of the Capitol carry placards of anti-rape inscription in a peaceful demonstration demanding justice.

The group as an umbrella organization and mouth piece of Liberian Children, informed the legislature about the case of a 13 year old girl that was allegedly rape.

“We have also come to demand investigations into the alleged rape case of Representative Morias Waylee involvement with our precious 13 year-old Liberian minor which led to her giving birth through C-section,” the children petition stated.

The children advocacy group said its attention has been drawn to the delay in the Justice and Investigations by the Ministry of Gender and the Liberian National Police.

The advocacy group also said, the Liberian Children’s forum have come to enforce their commitment and to call for the implementation of section 2b of the New Rape law of Liberia and Article 111, section 21 of the Liberian Children’s law.

“In support of our calls for investigations and subsequent arrest of Representative Morias Waylee, the Liberian Children’s Forum has come to demand in the strongest terms an independent investigation,” the group added.

The group is also recommending that an independent Investigation team be setup by the Gender based violence unit and Children’s division of the Ministry of Gender to thoroughly investigate and to unearth the truth behind the alleged rape case of Representative Morais Waylee.

The child advocacy group is also calling for FrontPageAfrica to be officially investigated by the Ministry of Gender, the Liberian National Police and the solicitor general of Liberia to provide details, contact and information on the alleged rape case of the Representative as reported in the May 3, 2017 edition of the paper. 

“We hope our recommendation will be adhered to and worked with, because we believe no one is above the law.”

“Let’s collectively ensure a violence free environment for all children in Liberia. Rape is a crime and it must be treated as one,” the petition added.