Cabinet Reviews Performance Updates on Energy, Generation Projects


Monrovia  –  The Cabinet, meeting Wednesday, July 06, 2016, at its regular sitting has reviewed additional performance updates and accordingly mandated critical decisions covering the government’s Legislative Agenda, Executive Orders, the Energy Sector, Public Procurement, the Economy,  the 2016/2017 Budget, LRA Revenue-Generation and Real Estate Tax.

According to an Executive Mansion release, Cabinet was updated on the status of Bills mentioned in the 2016 Annual Message and submitted to the Legislature, Bills previously submitted but recalled; Bills not mentioned in the Annual Message but submitted to the Legislature; new Bills under review, Bills passed into Law as well as Bills promised – received and are under review by the Office of the Legal Advisor to the President.

Cabinet reviewed the performance updates from the energy sector involving key generation projects in line with the medium-term plan, including Mount Coffee hydroelectric power Plant and HFO plants and commencement of construction on additional plants by the private sector to stabilize power supply; key transmission and distribution projects ongoing; 20,000 additional connections and 3000 street lights across the country by LEC while rationalizing the compelling need to reduce tariff to be matched by improved delivery in electricity  services. Mount Coffee is generally on target for commissioning Unit #1 on December 16, 2016.

On performance updates on government’s Public Procurement axis, Cabinet was briefed on essential institutionalization mechanisms for an eProcurement Platform, Procurement Professionalization Framework, support to County-Based Entities and the Launch of Clients Perception Survey Report.

Cabinet was also briefed on the 2016 Annual Procurement Forum which brought together stakeholders to share experiences on the implementation of the Public Procurement and Concessions Act of 2010 and identify areas for further actions and improvement in compliance with Section 5(i) of the PPCA.  

The Minister of Finance and Development Planning also briefed Cabinet on performance updates on Year-End Summary of revenue and budget; next steps for FY 15/16; updates on 2016 stimulus package; status on Fiscal Year 16/17 with emphasis on ongoing hearings into revenue, and new measures for FY 16/17 as well as the Cabinet approved Fiscal Rules and Travel Ordinance.

From the perspective of LRA-Revenue Generation cum Real Estate Tax performance; Cabinet provided the Economic Outlook – focusing on growth, exchange rate and Tax indicators. Revenue Performance examined total revenue, domestic revenue, revenue composition, key performance indicators and tax trends in selected sectors.

The LRA-Revenue Generation performance updates however zero-in on FY 2016/17 Forecast; Tax Policy Assessments and Domestic Revenue Mobilization Strategy.  

Meanwhile, Cabinet also took firm decision regarding the performance of the country’s existing energy revitalization trend under the auspices of Manitoba Hydro International (MHI).

Although Cabinet noted some progress with respect to the construction and completion of power plants as well as transmission and distribution infrastructure, but expressed serious concern over the pace of work with respect connection of customers due largely to the poor performance of Manitoba Hydro International (MHI), which manages the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) under a Management Contract with the Liberian Government.

Cabinet has therefore mandated that mechanisms be instituted with adequate emphasis on connecting more customers and improving the provision of electricity services to the Liberian people.

Cabinet emphasized that it will be constrained to initiate appropriate measures that will ensure sufficient progress is made in the government’s energy program.