AB Kromah Officially Takes Over As Liberia’s Deputy Police Chief


Monrovia – Deputy Inspector General For Operations, Col. Abraham Kromah has officially taken office at the Liberian National Police (LNP).

Report by Bettie K. Johnson- Mbayo/ [email protected]

Having served in the position three times, the first of which was in 1994, Col. Kromah said his continuous return to the LNP showed that he served well each time he was appointed.

Col. Kromah commended President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for continuously reposing confidence in him to serve the country.

“I’m glad another chance had been given to me to work, this is my dream since at the age of 18 Police had been my life,” he said during the ceremony.

On his predecessor, Col. Kromah revealed that the works done by Col. Prince Mulbah would not be disregarded, adding that Policing was a continuous business.

“The Police job is a continuous business and I believe that all operations carried out by him were not of his own but were on the order of the Liberia National Police,” added.

Also speaking, the former Deputy Inspector for Operations, now Deputy for Administration said, “All I can say is that I am overwhelmed by the opportunity given me to serve the post as Deputy Director for Operations.”

For his part, the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police Col. Gregory Coleman warned Col. Kromah to uphold the law as law enforcer.

He further revealed that there would be no changes in the Police hierarchy, but existing gaps would be filled with competent and qualified individuals.

“Right now we are not going to be making changes, we going to fill the existing gaps, all of the ranks that officers are holding are acting positions pending the promotional board, at which time those officers given those ranks take the test and get the job on the bases of their performance,” Col. Coleman said.

 “There will be criteria set and there will be test given for you to apply, until the test can be taken all positions are acting and the rank will be given to you base on your performance so it’s a chance to work and justify your inclusion, the beginning of the merit system is now.”