20 Liberians to Leave for Agro Studies in Israel


Monrovia – At least 20 Liberian students are expected to leave the country for Agro-studies in Israel, following negotiation between the Israelite and Liberian governments.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah, [email protected]

The students will be drawn from a total of 60 students, who were selected from various universities, including University of Liberia, Cuttington University and Tubman University for vetting process by AgroStudies Grano Group.

According to AgroStudies CEO, Yaron Tamir, Liberia is among 15 countries participating in the agriculture based program that will strengthen the capacities of students in various fields of agriculture.

“Israel government has decided to help Liberia in agriculture studies. The government of Liberia had spoken with the Israelite Government on the issue of agriculture, so they decided to help them,” Tamir said.

According to Tamir, the 20 Liberians will be among 1,600 students, who will also participate in the AgroStudies program in Israel.

Those selected will travel to Israel in September or October and that the program will last up to a year.

He assured the students that the program will cover all expensive, including medical insurance.

In Israel, the students will be doing agriculture training five days a week in various agricultural fields as well as participating in job training until the program expires.

“You need to remember one thing: those who will be selected will not only be representing themselves and their universities but the country,” Tamir asserted.

“Students will save a lot of money through the development of business plan during the program so that when they come back to Liberia, they can be able to open their own farms and help improve the Liberian agriculture industry.”

He stated that the program is geared at combining the knowledge that universities students have acquired in agriculture over the years with practical review in Israel.

He encouraged students, who will be benefiting from the program to exhibit good standard and be hardworking.

This will make the agro-based group satisfy as the Liberian government fought to get the opportunity for its students.

The Israelite warned that beneficiaries, who will be caught misbehaving, will risk Liberia’s chances of getting future program of such.

He maintained: “We are looking for those who will come back to their country and do something. We are not looking for job seekers at ministries or those who will go and sit in offices.”

Tamir disclosed that upon graduation, all graduates will be presented a package of agriculture equipment.

Also speaking, Agriculture Minister Dr. Mogana S. Flomo said the students reiterated that those to be selected by AgroStudies Grano Group will pave the way for others.

According to Minister Flomo, it is incumbent on the initial beneficiaries to create avenues that will provide job opportunities for others.

“Liberia is to only send 20 students and we called your universities to select their best students and as far as we are concern, you are the best from your universities, so the team from Israel will select 20 of you. I want you to do your best and take advantage of this opportunity,” Minister Flomo pleaded.

The Agriculture Minister then assured students that government will take the needed steps to ensure that those participating in the program do their best and complete the program.

“You are not going to come back and run to the Ministry of Agriculture for job. You will come back and create jobs for other people. So, you have a life time employment,” Dr. Flomo told them.

The Agriculture Minister has meanwhile added that Liberia has not had such opportunity for a very long time, admonishing those who will be benefiting to tap into it.

It can be recorded that in February 2019, President George Weah, during a visit to the Jewish nation, asked for help to stimulate Liberia’s agricultural outlook.