15 Winners from the “WeahLearn Project” Competition Awarded Scholarships


Monrovia – Fifteen students who won frequently in the just ended George Weah Academic, Excellence, and Proficiency Competition could not cease their smiles when they were awarded scholarships to complete their education both at university and grade school level by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah.

The WeahLearn Project through its George Weah Academic Excellence, and Proficiency Competition over the weekend hosted a lunch for over 100 young students from Montserrado and other parts of the country at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town. Most of them were winning from the just-ended George Weah Academic Excellence and Proficiency Competition.

The George Weah Academic, Excellence, and Proficiency Competition was initiated during the heat of COVID-19 through its online platform. It was meant to encourage high school students, especially those who were going to sit WASSCE exams to remain in touch with their studies.

Students were given US$20 for each question that they answered. According to the organizers of the program, students from the Ganta Methodist School in Nimba County won the highest –with one student winning 11 times.

According to the program coordinator, Michael Francis Tarr, the program is meant to scout brilliant young students and enable them to pursue their education.

Also at the Ministerial Complex, the Weahlearn App/Website was launched for students who are encouraged to participate in the competition online.

Speaking at the event, Liberia Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah says Liberia has a bright future that needs to be looked at critically.

“The launch of this project speaks volumes that Liberia as a country has a great future of Possibilities. Unfortunately, critics of this government will ignore the fact that Liberia is making significant progress,” Minister Tweah added.

He said the government can build all the roads, and undertake all of its projects, nothing is more important than the thinking and knowledge of the young people.

He explains: “To pursue that thinking and knowledge the responsibilities rest on our shoulders as policy and decision-makers.”

“We want to provide the enabling environment for citizens across the country particularly the youth. Everything we are doing is to provide you the students the opportunity that the previous regimes have failed to do,” Tweah said.

Giving the overview of the WeahLearn Scholastic project Michael Francis Tarr said the launch of the George Weah Academic Excellence and Proficiency Competition is a milestone for the organization.

According to Tarr, it is unarguable that academic excellence is one of the many challenges that is currently affecting post-war Liberia. This, he added has caused a massive failure in previous public examines.

“This Weahlearn Scholastic project seeks to harness academic excellence and Proficiency in all Liberian students,” he said.

“In the past months through our online platform we worked with hundreds of students giving out the cash prize to winners of the competition,” Tarr added.

Meanwhile Montserrado County District#5 Representative and Montserrado County Senatorial Candidate Thomas Fallah who was in presence extol the organizers of the WeahLearn Scholastic project for such an educative program.

Representative Fallah said it is important that students are giving the opportunities to continue their educational sojourn.

“You have to determine your true potential as a student because the future of this country rests on your shoulders,” Representative Fallah said.

Adding up, the Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Protection Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr encouraged young women to take their education seriously and compete with their male counterparts.