11-Year-Old Expands U.S. Covid-19 Relief Campaign To Liberia With Help From Liberian Consulate of Atlanta & Liberian NGO

Malon E.D. James (Photos provided by Don’t Count Me Out, Inc.)

Liberia – Malon James, 11, campaign spokesman for charity Don’t Count Me Out (DCMO), expands the Everyone Deserves A Mask campaign to the African country of Liberia to benefit families in Nimba and Montserro counties. DCMO and its partner will donate reusable masks and direct students and parents to Covid-19 test and vaccine locations.

Hundreds of high-quality, reusable masks arrived in Liberia last week thanks to Hon. Consul General Cynthia Blandford. “I let Counsl General Blandford know about a new app I’m developing to connect humanitarians with the most vulnerable in the world and she agreed to help, said Malon James, DCMO spokesman. It only makes sense to have a global approach to the Coronavirus pandemic since countries such as Liberia are in their third wave of Covid-19.”

The masks were picked up by Mr. Samson Sehgren of Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Farms4Life Liberia, Inc. and his team from Hon. Blandford. “We have been working with our American partners DCMO four (4) years now and are so thankful for the support, said Farms4Life Liberia Executive Director, Samson Sehgren. Now is a crucial time in Liberia’s response to the pandemic. Covid-19 may be dying down for America but that’s not necessarily the case for the rest of the world.”

Malon became obsessed with face masks in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, watching specials from his Atlanta Georgia home that featured Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

A Fauci convert, Malon made sure all his friends wore masks when they came out to play, but their flimsy disposable ones disheartened him. Malon told his mother that he wanted to get children the safest masks possible. A year later, he’s given out more than 13,000 high-quality reusable masks and educated 10’s of thousands of vulnerable residents on the benefits of Covid-19 test and vaccines.

In the upcoming days, hundreds of sturdy cloth masks supplied by James will be donated to small children and their families at a medical clinic, orphanage and school by Sehgren and his team in the counties of Nimba and Montserrado. These areas have been chosen for the masks give away because they have the highest Covid-19 confirmed cases in the nation according to the Ministry of Health Republic of Liberia (http://moh.gov.lr/wp-content/uploads/COVID-19-SitRep-451_June-9-2021.pdf).