St. Kizito Catholic Church Celebrates Return of Outstanding Member, Emily Peal following Successful Medication In the U.S.

Mrs. Peal has been in the U.S. for advanced medical treatment after she got sick in Liberia. Prior to her illness, she was an active member of the Church and her community.

Paynesville – It was a moment of joy and celebration on Sunday, December 5, when the St. Kizito Parish, led by the Reverend Father Ambrose D. Kroma, held a thanksgiving service for one of its outstanding members, Mrs. Emily Peal following her return from the United States.

Mrs. Peal has been in the U.S. for advanced medical treatment after she got sick in Liberia. Prior to her illness, she was an active member of the Church and her community. She is the founder and chief executive officer of a grass root microfinance organization, Action for Community Matters (ACOMA).

Speaking at the intercessory service, Mrs. Peal thanked God for His divine intervention, and the Church for praying along with her through her most difficult time in her life.

She said: “I am thankful to God that I can stand now. If you pray hard for something and God sees it fit that it is good for you, He will give it to you. That is it right here in my case. I prayed for health…recovery and God answered my prayers and those of many others who were there on their respective kneel praying for me.”

“I gave up at some point in time. I said I could not make it again. I forgot all my Catholic prayers. I was completely out of touch with the world but here am I again standing on my feet and remembering almost everything. I am grateful. I couldn’t really pray but I knew God had his angels watching over me. Now, I am back and recommit my service to my Church.”

Speaking further, she thanked her family including her three brothers for standing by her and her husband in providing the support and care needed to restore her health.

She also thanked members and officials of her organizations, ACOMA for the concern and best wishes since she departed Liberia and for keeping the organization going while she was away.

Also speaking, the husband, Mr. Alexander Peal, praised the Church and its members for always remembering his wife and their family in prayer.

“We are thankful that all of you have been there praying for her. She is up again and ready to continue her services. Emily is back; I am back and we are here to continue contributing to our motherland,” he averred.

He recounted that following his wife’s illness, they initially took her to Nigeria, but due to her severe condition, she was flown to the U.S. And with the help of his brother-in-laws, she was given the best medical care, adding he will be forever grateful to them.  

While in the U.S., he said the Church was their greatest source of inspiration. And with the help of the internet, they followed its activities; especially the Sunday masses.

Speaking on behalf of the Church, Mr. Amos Brosius recounted Mrs. Peal’s meaningful contributions under the stewardship of the Reverend Father Ambrose D. Kroma.

In his recollections, Mr. Brosius said Mr. Peal was instrumental in raising fund for the first vehicle for the priest and the electrification of the Church.

He said: “It is good to have thanksgiving for any member of the Church. That is a good idea, but I am saying these things so you can know that the lady who we have come to celebrate is a special person. In fact, she didn’t ask for this, but we feel that she deserves her flowers while she is still alive among us. Mr. &Mrs. Peal are people who have been working hard in God’s vineyard. And it is to the glory of God that we are here even seeing her alive and still strong, committed to this Church.”

The event was graced by families and friends, as well as members and officials of ACOMA.

In a passionate statement of appreciation, the spokesperson of ACOMA, Felecia Shipper, said the celebrant is a special woman who cares and has never failed to reach out and empower other people, especially underprivileged women.

Through her organization, they benefited from microloans, and that has helped them to survive and give them dignity. Even on her sick bed, Shipper said Mrs. Peal did not stop reaching out to them; adding that she supplied them with food and masks during the height of COVID-19.

“Her vision has been carrying all of the less fortunate women through, and we are improving because she and her husband have made the sacrifices. Mrs. Peal is the lady that has pushed us over the years to rise to appreciable level we are now. She told us, “Women, this is not the time to sit and complain all day or wait on men to do everything for you. Rise up and begin to take action on matters in your community.”

“We listened to her and she invested her money in giving us microloans for small businesses, agricultural activities and even support for the education of many women, some of whom could hardly read and write then but are now people of motivation and inspiration to others.”