Liberian Diplomat Completes Intensive Training in Bangkok, Thailand

Counselor for Political Affairs at the Liberia Mission in Abuja, Nigeria, Mr. Tunde J. Spencer

Bangkok, Thailand – The Counselor for Political Affairs at the Liberia Mission in Abuja, Nigeria, Mr. Tunde J. Spencer, was among several individuals who received certificates after completion of an intensive diplomatic Training in Bangkok, Thailand on July 9, 2019, at the International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDS) in that Asian country.

The training, which was titled, “Social Work, Peace Building and Democracy,” brought together 35 individuals from about 13 countries of which Counselor Spencer was the only African represented at the event.

Participants at the program, included diplomat, professors, politicians, government officials, representatives from local and international NGOs, social workers, among others. They came from the South and South-eastern region of Asia, Canada, Germany, Africa, etc.

The training highlighted on the duties and responsibilities of social workers in post-war countries and the diplomatic impacts during the process of restoring the country through peace-building. During the training, according to a dispatch from Bangkok, the participants deliberated on practical ways of preventing conflict and that the absence of war does not always guaranteed peace.

The group discussed that conflicts are usually triggered by minor initiative which usually starts from a single individual. In many cases conflict starts when there is a communication gap among the people and when one group feels unfairly treated especially where there seems unequal distribution of resources.

Mr. Tunde Spencer receiving certificate

The roles of regional economic communities are vital in many conflicts because they share common boundaries and are interrelated. International NGOs usually has influences in the event of a conflict but the real impacts of the INGOs are usually felt after the end of the conflicts, Mr. Spencer told FrontPageAfrica.

He further stated that many conflicts are caused by individuals who tried to influence the wrong people in the name of democracy and this can turn violence if it is not properly handled.

According to the Liberian diplomat, the training reviewed two cases in the South Eastern region of Asia, including the ethnic cleansing of the minority Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the case of the Marawi people of Southern Philippines with more than 350,000 people still displaced despite several interventions of the UN and other stakeholders.

The conference was climaxed with a 3-day conference on the 150 anniversary of the late Indian non-violent civil right leader, Mahatma Gandhi. Presentations and speeches were delivered by experts, who had spent decades studying the life and legacy of Mr. Gandhi. They told participants to follow the examples of Gandhi, who made positive impacts in the history of India.

Mr. Tunde Spencer and other participants of the training in Bangkok, Thailand

During a brief telephone interview with Spencer, he said that the training and the trip was costly but it was worth the effort. He said that as a practicing diplomat, it is crucial to update oneself in every aspect of one’s career.

“Every opportunity you get to expand your knowledge, you must utilize it for your own professional development and to become better in your daily duties,” Mr. Spencer; adding that a well-trained diplomat can make a difference in their country. This newspaper records that this is the fourth of such training by Mr. Spencer in less than two years. Since 2017, the Abuja Liberian Embassy Political Affairs Counselor has attended series of professional training in various courses and countries including Geneva, Switzerland, Bangkok, Thailand, and Harare, Zimbabwe. Mr. Spencer, disclosed that all of his trips have been 100% self-sponsored.