Liberia: Kimmie Weeks Wants Lawmaker Salaries Cut in Half

Dr. Kimmie Weeks

MONROVIA – Internationally acclaimed Liberian humanitarian Dr. Kimmie Weeks has called on the National Legislature to make information regarding compensation packages for lawmakers public and has said that there is a need to immediately slash all legislative compensation by a minimum of 50%.  Dr. Weeks made the statement when he appeared on the popular radio talk show Traffic Plus late last week.

Dr. Weeks was appearing on the show, hosted by O’neal Roberts, to discuss his plans after recently ending of his engagement as Corporate Communications Strategist for GSM giant Orange Liberia.   Weeks highlighted that over the years, the full compensation salaries for lawmakers had become marred in secrecy despite the fact that they are paid by tax dollars.  “We must no longer accept that our lawmakers salaries has become kukujumiku,” said Dr. Weeks “we pay them are demand to know what they are earning.”   

Kimmie Weeks who was known for strong stance on national issues prior to entering corporate Liberia went on to call for law makers to begin to take measures to cut their salaries by a minimum of 50% and divert the savings into the education and health sectors.  Weeks said: “We are at a juncture in Liberia when many families are going to bed hungry, hospitals lack basic necessities, and many young people are out of school because they cannot afford to pay tuition.   It is unthinkable that with these circumstances our lawmakers are allegedly making upwards of US$17,000.    We call on them to begin the conversation to at least cut their salaries by a minimum of 50% and direct that back into the budget not for paying other salaries but to invest in education, health care and the creation of job opportunities.” Dr. Weeks outlined that his departure from corporate Liberia would now give him more time to focus on work with his international organization called Youth Action International and to also address issues of national concern.   “There are lots of major issues affecting young people across Liberia and I will use both my organization and my voice to address many of these issues especially in the areas of education, health care and economic empowerment, which are critical for nation building.