Organizers of the Big Brabee Liberia Reality TV Show Hold Consultative Meeting with Stakeholders to Improve the Upcoming Editions


Monrovia – The organizers of the Big Brabee Liberia, reality TV show has held for the time a consultative and stakeholders meeting to correct the mistakes made during the past two editions and to improve on the future editions.

The event that was held at the Corina Hotel in Sinkor brought together Ministry of Internal, Ministry of Youth & Sports, Liberia National Police, Liberia Movie Union, Federation of Liberian Youth, Bloggers Association of Liberia and other Liberians especially those who are in the artistic sector to brainstorm on how improve Liberia only reality TV show.

Many participants at the consultation and stakeholders meeting including ex-house mates praised the first edition of the reality TV show over the second.

According to them, unlike the first edition, the caliber of participants rating in the second edition was low.  

To some, many of the house mates in the season knew each other, something they said made the show more boring for the audience to follow.

Speaking at the event, Zobin Cooper, an event and media guru, told the organizers of the reality TV show that the quality of the sound was poor and that it needed to improve drastically in the upcoming editions.

“If you cannot hear, then what is the need of watching,” he said.

Also, Mr. Cooper added that the vetting process of the contestants by the organizers of the Big Brabee Liberia was poor; something he said drove away many of the audience.

“The caliber of contestants was not high. What can the contestants do and not just their looks keep your audience following. Also, BBL needs to introduce an element of surprise –do something like the wildcat in the Big Brother Naji,” Cooper said.

Eddie Gibson is the president of the Liberia Movie Union. He told the gathering that his institution is open to working with the group to make the reality show a success.

“If you are doing something where people have to follow, you should go up and not come down. Do not let the people lose taste,” he warned.

Pualita C.C. Wie, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs told the organizer that contestants need to be vetted thoroughly because for her, they are the true ambassadors of the country.

“We want the best out of the Big Brabee Liberia reality show,” she said.

Also, in the gathering was the Spokesperson of the Liberia National Police Moses Carter. He said the police will not hesitate to move in when any criminal nature occurs.

The Police spokesman called on the organizers to make sure that their participants know the rule before they can begin the reality show.

“When you are alleged of getting into any criminal nature, the police will come in,” Carter said.

TipMe is one of the sponsors of the reality show. Representing TipMe, Randolf Haliga said the corporate sector has a role to play in uplifting the reality TV show but at the same time, organizers need to look for the best contestants to market their products.

“Corporate institutions look for what value you are going to bring to its brand. What a brand wants to pay money for is very important -the brand wants to make use of you but depending on the content you will give in the house,” Haliga said.

Adding up Fred Ola Ola, the Executive Director of the Big Brabee Liberia praised participants of the consultative and stakeholders meeting for their suggestions and recommendations, something he said will guide the production and presentation of Big Brabee Liberia season three and beyond.

“We like to take this time to recognize and appreciate all Agencies and Individuals that accepted our invitation and dedicated their valuable time to attend, contribute and touch light on various activities at the same time providing recommendations that could better the program’s presentation to the World at large. We are indebted to you for your show of willingness to help us improve,” Big Brabee Liberia posted on their social media page.

The Big Brabee Liberia season three application forms will be out on sale by February 21, 2022 and end March 18, 2022.