Liberia: Ruling Party Lawmaker Ventures Acting, Says He Wants To Be Like Schwarzenegger

Rep. George says he’s promoting the Weah-led government through acting and following the footsteps of Arnold Schwarzenegger

MONROVIA – Montserrado County Representative Solomon Claudius George has commenced a new and extra role, outside of his legislative responsibilities, by starring in a new Liberian movie released in the country.

Representative George is representing the people of electoral district number 7 on the ticket of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The constitutional responsibilities of a lawmaker are: oversight, representation and lawmaking.

The movie titled: Wrong Decision was launched at the Unification Theatre of Arts on Sunday.

The Unification Theatre is owned by Liberia’s President George Manneh Weah. It was constructed, along with the multi-million dollars, Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church, and several duplexes, just few months after the inauguration of President Weah into office.

Representative George, who is an Executive Producer of the movie directed by King Solomon and marketed by KMEC Films, is playing the role of Pastor Mark in the movie.

The Movie 

The movie ‘Wrong Decision’ portrays family’s ethical values.

It denounces the involvement of young people into ungodly practices including, drug abuse, disrespectfulness, and commercial sex working, among others.

According to the CDC lawmaker, the movie is intended to help ensure the good upbringing of young people in the Liberian society.

“It is a movie concerning family’s ethical values; values at schools concerning campus-based violence and how issues should be taken very serious when our youngsters are going off the track with certain life-drug addiction, misusage, prostitution, and disrespect to elders. The movie is good; it’s about life values,” Rep. George noted.

Pro bono actor

Mixed reactions have popped up since the release of the poster of the new movie, starring the CDC lawmaker and others.

Many persons believed that the decision taken by Representative to give focus to movie production in the midst of numerous economic challenges will allow him to pay less attention to his constitutional mandate as a lawmaker.

Some citizens also claimed that the Montserrado County lawmaker had gone ‘broke’ and as such, he is venturing into the movie industry as another means of earning money.

On the other hand, other citizens believed that the new role taken up by the CDC lawmaker has nothing to do with his workings at the National Legislature.

According to them, Representative George’s decision shows that he is a ‘down-to-earth’ personality who is always around his people.

Representative George pointed out that though he is an Executive Producer of the movie, he did not receive payment for his role played.

 He disclosed that his decision to feature in the movie was to ‘fill in the gap’ of another actor who had travelled at the time the movie was being filmed.

“I am a pro bono actor in this movie. I was helping a group of actors and actresses on the Providence Island. Someone who was supposed to act as Pastor Mark travelled and I was asked to fill in the gap. I filled in the gap and it looks like I am stocked,” he stated.

Following Schwarzenegger’s footsteps

“Some people said I am a legislator and then, I am acting-It seems I am broke now. Let them go and ask Arnold Schwarzenegger that they cheer so much. He was Governor of California for many years and he was acting.”

Solomon George, Representative, Montserrado County District 7

Representative George noted that the move made by him was in line to maintain his commonality with his people.

He wondered while citizens will castigate him for acting in a movie, and at the same time hail the former Governor of the State of California in the United States, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Some people said I am a legislator and then, I am acting-It seems I am broke now. Let them go and ask Arnold Schwarzenegger that they cheer so much. He was Governor of California for many years and he was acting,” he maintained.

Representative George added: “My people voted me and I have not walked away from them. I am still with them as a common man. I am with my people and I will stay with them forever”. 

“I am investing into the entertainment industry already and the reason why I need to continue is because the President, George Manneh Weah, said he wants to put his hands behind local industry particularly in music and filming. So, movies should be promoted by us. I ask other people to join me,”

Hope of continuity

Representative George remains hopeful that his new role will help improve the entertainment industry.

He did not rule out the possibility of starring in additional movies in the future. 

When quizzed whether he will continue acting in movies, the Montserrado County lawmaker stated: “It is left with the Directors and Producers; if they feel or deem it necessary that I continue, they will come for me,” he added”.

The direct involvement of prominent Liberians including legislators, ministers and others acting in movies is a strange phenomenon in Liberia.

Though many of them support or take up sponsorship for the filming of movies, or recording of songs, these batch of citizens do not take up an acting role in movies, or feature on tracks easily.

The move made by Representative George to star in the movie ‘Wrong Decision’ may be a stepping stone for other eminent Liberians to follow suit.