Liberia: G-Rize Opens up on His Personal Life


Monrovia – G.Rize, the song maestro who’s topping the Liberian diaspora charts in the Americas, is known widely in the Liberian communities scattered across the United States.

But the artiste says being a father – despite the fame – brings him the greatest joy of his life.

“I love being a father and a husband,” he says. “I love to cook and take our dog out for swimming. I love going to see plays and going on long walks.”

The father of two, who’s also happily married, says being a family man has had the biggest impact on his life and his career following a tumultuous childhood.

 “I went through a whole seven years of civil war all through my childhood. I even became a refugee at one point in time in another African country called Ghana.”

Two years later, G.Rize moved to the United States and fathered his first child. “I became a father at a very young age as well which i knew nothing about the responsibility that comes with having a kid that young, at age 16. I fought through all that with my father.

Rize, 33, later met his wife of thirteen years at a nightclub named Cream Downtown Minneapolis. “It was a place where a lot of young college kids would hang out. We called it 18+. [When] I first met her we danced all night. I asked for her num and she said no at first. I left her [and] went home after like a week or 2. I went back to the same spot with my friends and saw her with her friends that same night. We have been together ever since 13 years ago.

Without his wife and two kids, Rize believes he wouldn’t have made it this far. “The best part about life is having a strong relationship with your family and a good support system.”