Liberia: Mother of Triplets Seeks for Help


Suakoko, Bong County – A middle-aged woman, Aletha Binda, who was recently delivered of a set of triplets at the Phebe Hospital in Suakoko, Bong County, has sent an SOS call to members of the Bong Legislative Caucus and well-meaning Liberians to help her with support for her children. 

Ms. Binda is seeking for financial aid to help her raise her babies as she and the kids’ father are not adequately able to care for the triplets.

Madam Binda, who looked exhausted, told FrontPageAfrica that she didn’t expect to have three babies because during antenatal care, she was told that she would give birth to twins.

“I was surprised to have three babies. I left my village knowing I was going to have twins but thank God they are all alive and fine,” she said.

Ms. Binda further stated that the burden now is how to look after these triplets and her other two children.

According to her, her boyfriend, who is a farmer had left her when she was pregnant. She said they are “too poor to cope with the responsibilities and taking adequate care of the children.”

“These babies are truly gifts from God but we are too poor to cater to them,” she said.

All the boys were born healthy, according to the hospital’s chief medical director, Dr. Jefferson Sibley.

She was forced to leave the hospital on Monday, September 24, 2019 after health workers deserted their post to embark on a nationwide strike.

Madam Binda said it will be difficult to take care of the children because she is a poor farmer.

She requested all financial assistance and material assistance be channeled through Radio Gbarnga’s cellphone number: 0777777965 or FrontPageAfrica’s Bong County reporter, Selma Lomax on cellphone numbers: 0886484666, 0775986858.