Liberia: IJG Reconstitutes Board And Calls For More Sanctions On Weah Government


Washington, D.C. – The International Justice Group announces that it has since July 2020, reconstituted its Board of Trustees to include Mr. Mike Mueller and Mrs. Ysyndi Martin – Kpeyei to strengthen its public policy advocacy and outreach to Liberians all around the world.

Mr. Mueller who heads the Federation of Liberian organizations in Europe is also the Chairman of Global Initiatives for Justice (GIJ). Mr. Mueller brings to the IJG a wealth of knowledge in diplomacy, military science, economics, and banking.  He is an ardent advocate for justice who believes that impunity in Liberia is a thing of the past that must be buried once and for all by public accountability and prosecution of all perpetrators and war criminals through the implementation of the Recommendations of the TRC calling for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Tribunal.

Also, the IJG Board now includes another new member in the person of Mrs. Ysyndi Martin-Kpeyei, a wife, mother, community organizer, an educator, and a staunch advocate for justice in the world and Liberia, particularly. She has been instrumented in galvanizing community actions for change and advocacy in Liberia and the United States.

Mrs. Kpeyei is a tireless advocate and a loud voice for justice in Liberia. She believes without justice the peace dividends will eventually be wiped away and the country will make no further progress absent justice.

Calls for more Sanctions

Meanwhile, the IJG has submitted the names of an additional 21 influential members of the Weah Administration to be sanctioned by the international community and the United States because of prevalent public corruption, human rights violations, and crimes against humanity in Liberia with impunity.

“There is no justice for the ordinary man in Liberia and the government’s policy seeks to exploit the people, and corrupting all systems and institutions of government, violating the constitution and laws of Liberia, also with impunity… making Liberia a land of injustice and impunity, an unhealthy environment for development, which in effect is a disservice that is killing the nation, because a society without the rule of law is Gangsters’ Paradise – Gangsterism …” The IJG Executive Director concluded.