The Editor,

It has been days, weeks and months since the Sanctions arrived. We were happy that it came so that we can have some accountabilities for people’s actions and to checkmate those suspected of corruption in our country.

Many saw it as an attempt to end corruption or impunity in Liberia. But now, it is more likely of being a political punishment rather than ending impunity in our country. It is like casting allegations against individuals without giving them due process (day in court).

What benefits does this sanction brings to Liberia? Accusing the folks without giving them due process is a form of global injustice against them. I believe strongly they should face justice and if found guilty, they should be punished and their assets Frozen or taken from them. Let them restitute whatever they have stolen from the Liberian people.

With this the country will benefit but without this, these allegations are all fiasco, and it is just meant to punish these guys. Sadly, our government is silent on this matter and there has been no effort to ensure that these sanctioned ex officials have their days in court. They are Liberian citizens too and they need to be given fair play or else these allegations will hunt they and their generations which will be unfair to them.

So how long is the US keeping them on the sanctions? How do they get or face justice? Why can’t the Liberian government setup a special taskforce to investigate this matter and prosecute the folks? I am sure the US government has sufficient evidence against these guys, and we can ask the US gov’t to provide the pieces of evidence against these guys so we can prosecute them. But keeping them on sanctions without time limit and not giving them due process, is undemocratic and a form of injustice against them.

They too deserve to face their accusers and clear their names … I rest my case! (My former boss PNW would say!)

Charles Yates

[email protected]