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‘The Negative Effects Of Sycophancy – An Open Letter To Minister Eugene L. Fahngon

Many who shared my view feel that there are no redlines left for terrorists to cross. This is a psychological war and succumbing to the strategies would give the enemies superior hand. Let stand up with one voice and call to win this war!

Dear Minister Fahngon,

I hope this letter finds you very Well. A few days ago, you chose to denigrate the leadership and members of the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) as “Carton Pushers” via Facebook.com and other social media outlets. You also indicated that the organization is “Disrespectful to the President of Liberia, Dr. George Manneh Weah.” You further pointed out that ALJA hates President Weah; wants him to fail that is the reason it is writing all kinds of press releases against his government. I usually don’t like to comment on these kinds of issues, but have chosen to do so because you have brought my reputation as an official, along with members of the organization, into public ridicule. The views express here are solely from me and I take full responsibility for them.   

Mr. Fahngon, have you ever visited the web page of ALJA, aljaonline.org, to look at the profiles of these noble ladies and gentlemen before branding them as “Carton Pushers?” Just so you know, members ALJA are all professionals contributing positively to the American society, unlike you who was selling in an African store in Virginia before going to Liberia to buy your job. The vast majority of ALJA members have graduate and terminal (doctorial) degrees and comprises social scientists, conflict resolution specialists, educators, an economist, and a mathematician, just to name a few. 

Minister Fahngon, what is your level of education? I’m told that you have several associate degrees. Does that equate you to being well educated and prepared for your current job? No wonder why you are doing a lousy job as Deputy Information Minster for Press and Public Affairs. You do not have the skills and expertise for the job because your spelling, grammar and diction are very poor. This is the reason the Liberian Government is struggling to effectively communicate its programs and policies to the Liberian people and the world at large. The government is losing the information war because of people like you. The multiplicities of stories emanating from Liberia are negative. All you do is loud talking with no clear objectives on how to combat them.

Minister Fahngon, ALJA has not disrespected President Weah and neither will it disrespect him. All ALJA has been and is doing is to speak on contemporary national issues affecting the Liberian people which are already in the public domain. The goal of this is for the government to take corrective measures to address some of these issues so as to effectively govern and ease the hardship on Liberians. The recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) report on Liberia is a clear indication that the country is going through challenging times and will continue if those recommendations advanced by the fund are not implemented.       

Instead of properly advising the President to tackle these issues as one of his communication advisors, you are ill informing, lying and telling him that all is well when they are not because of sycophancy. Rather than being truthful to President Weah you are telling him lies and accusing ALJA and other individuals who are critical of the way the country is being handle as enemies of Liberia. Have you read the book entitled, “The Emperor’s New Cloth?” It is a good read because its theme talks about the negative effects of sycophancy. Please get a copy and read it.

Lastly, Minister Fahngon, do really believe that you respect, like and wants President Weah to be successful? Your utterances, actions and behavior reflect the contrary. You are an embarrassment and a disgrace. You are an anarchist whose sole objective is sow seed of discord in Liberia. You were incarcerated by the National Legislature for acts unbecoming of a government official. President Weah recently suspended you because you tried to divide the country. The President took that action after the United States warned Liberian Government officials from engaging in acts that have detrimental effects on the stability of Liberia. ALJA recommended your dismissal but the President reinstated you instead. As long as you are in government you will continue to bring the government into public disrepute. 

You are a political prostitute, and a gravy seeker. You know within yourself that you are not an original member of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).  You are only occupying your current position because you bribed and “mango, mango your way,” as we say in Liberia, by paying $5000. How can you even talk about fighting corruption in Liberia when you bribed your way in government? Mr. Political Prostitute, do you know that you belong to the All Liberian Party (ALP)? I defy you to prove me wrong. Quite recently you were pushing the ALP agenda. You maneuvered your way and are now jumping around like you are some die hard supporter of President Weah. Your days in government are numbered. You will soon be perambulating like some other notorious ignoramus who caused serious embarrassment to previous governments.


Jackson T S Seton

[email protected]