Stone-Throwing CDC Thugs Spells Doom For Weah


The Editor, 

RE: “What Led to the Bloody Clash in District 15 Political Campaign Wrap up”

Looking at your headline, you would have never guessed that CDC thugs were the ones throwing stones and deadly objects at the Telia Urey’s supporters! But the video tells you a whole different story.

In the video, you see the police officers doing nothing, while the mob of useful idiots (CDC thugs) hurl stones and other deadly objects at the opposition supporters.

If there is any doubt that the Weah Administration would arrest these thugs for assault t and battery, that doubt should be put to rest when you watch the video, and see police officers doing nothing about the lawlessness and violence. You need to see this as a warning of where our country is headed under Weah.

Martin Scott
martyretire[email protected]

Atlanta, Georgia