Open Letter To Piso Saydee Tarr: Your Ministry Don’t Even Have A Website, What A Shame!


Dear Piso,

Madame Leymah Gbowee is not the first to question the total lack of action from the Ministry of Gender.  Child rights advocate Satta Sheriff did this in April 2020 and Akiah Glay echoed the same concerns in July of this year. Piso Tarr, conveniently you have kept silent. Liberians do not need a defensive tit -for-tat.  What we need is an explanation as to why in this horrific environment the Ministry of Gender Budget for Children and Social protection has been reduced from $535,064 to $519,564.

We need to know why there is no WEBSITE for the Ministry and why there are no special courts to deal with the sheer volume of cases dealing with the violation of our citizens.  We need to know why an alleged rapist was freed and walking around for two years.  Why are there are no community awareness program in every town in the country.  We need to know why parents who try to seek justice have to pay their own transportation from rural areas and are kept waiting for weeks to meet any ministry official.  We need to know WHAT you are doing, not who has presidential aspirations nor are we interested in your dissertation on shifting the blame.

I wish you had been so committed to defending bills on gender violence and so dedicated to writing donor reports as you are on your defense treatise in the FrontPageAfrica newspaper.  Do your WORK!

—Jackie Sayegh