Memo to Liberia Telecommunications Authority Looters


The Editor,

When will the economically ignorant LTA commissioners realized that corporations do not and cannot pay taxes?? Only people can and do. (Re “We Were Affected the Most–Liberians speak on Impact of Surcharges…)

In economics, you have to distinguish between who a tax (surcharge) affects in name—corporations—and who actually bears the costs and burdens of it—in this case, it’s the Liberian consumers!

But our LTA looters, oops, I mean LTA Commissioners, are economically ignorant people. So, somebody need to educate them! Please allow me the honor to do so:

Memo to LTA Looters: Corporations (GSM Companies) do not and cannot pay taxes. Only people can pay taxes. So, if you imposed a surcharge (tax) on a corporation, the money that they forward to you (to steal and squander), comes from the corporation’s employees, customers or stockholders.

So, next time, just remember this: Whenever you imposed a surcharge (Tax) on GSM Companies or any private company, you are really imposing a tax on the Liberian people. But hey, when will you stop stealing from the poor Liberian people?? You people (LTA) are nothing but a criminal enterprise!!!

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia
[email protected]