Liberia: Public Officials Must Be Held To Account


Dear Comrades of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP),

 I bring you Patriotic greetings on this Martin Luther King’s day, when we commemorate the life of a World acclaimed hero, who braved the odds of his time and lost his life in the pursuit of Justice and equality of all people irrespective of their race, gender or religious beliefs.

This is a day to reflect on what it means to be patriotic yet pragmatic.  A big part of that is recognizing that accountability should be expected from everyone in Authority, not just the Executive,  but Lawmakers,  Justices,  and all those financed by tax dollars. Given our Citizenry,  our taxpayers comprises hugely of the suffering masses srruggling to make ends meet. If Liberians must believe that the quest to change Political leadership in 2023 can minimize alleged corruption and enhance the Rule of Law, the Opposition must be setting clear governing standards by now.

In September 2019, it can be recalled that H.E President George M. Weah was sick and it was rumored that he had asked some Lawmakers for a possible approval of six months sick leave of absence to enable him seek treatment abroad, in a setting that could accommodate his health needs. Even before this rumor was substantiated,  there were lashes from the Opposition Block demanding that he steps down because six months was too long of a time  for the President to be out of Country while receiving taxpayers money. Others even asserted that it was a calculated attempt to abandon National Duties for which he was elected and runaway from the woes of the crippling Economy. 

Against this backdrop,  I was baffled and appalled to see key members of this CPP, posting Welcome Back Posts for Hon. Munah Pelham Youngblood, the estranged Representative of Montsedo’s 9th District on Social Media when she returned later after a year’s leave of absence. 

Fellow Compatriots,  we cannot continue to be double standard or selective in our quest for Accountability and the Rule of law. We cannot continue to hold the President and his Cabinet to higher standards than we are prepared to hold  Elected Lawmakers or Appointed Justices. I expected that after we have all thanked the Almighty God , Our Benefactor for life of the Lawmaker, we will ne patrotic enough to ask her to account for monies and other unearned benefits received during her absence.    Opposition Lawmakers and all well meaning Liberians must launch a “PAY BACK OUR TAXES” Campaign against Madam Youngblood. It is not just ethically wrong to abandon National Duties and deny Constituents representation for such prolonged period, but to collect unearned wages is Unpatriotic and Thievery in nature.  

Mr question to you all is ” Would you have given the President the same pass?” If in the recess of your hearts the answer is No, then I Challenge us all to demand tax dollars from Madam Youngblood. 

Fellow Liberians, we must start to think Country for once. To demand those unearned wages is not being unsympathetic to the plight of the Lawmaker,  it is being sensitive and loyal to the thousands of taxpayers unable to seek World class medical treatments in First World Countries while receiving unearned income on a monthly basis. Pointing this out reduce the likelihood of other Public Officials unfairly repeating such, and this we owe to the people of Liberia. 

What Happens when we Indulge bad practices from leaders?

Our silence or indulgence makes Public Servents feel unduely entitled and frossly insensitive to their employers,  who are the people. Instead of Hon Youngblood’s privileged return to the Capitol,  she doesn’t use her experience to initiate the proposal of a bill that prioritizes healthcare,  instead, she has the audacity to attack  Sen. Darius Dillion on how he expands his earned income on his district when she has not accounted for tons of unearned tax dollars. Offcourse she cannot come back fighting for legislation for higher pay ror doctors and nurses because she did not have to worry about hugh medical expenses in foreign Countries because our local doctors and nurses, who are taxpayers helped pay those foreign doctors. Now instead of leveraging the undue support given her across the  Political divide, she embarked on such toxic political journey.

We must begin to hold all Public Officials by the same standards when demanding accountability; whether it’s the President or Justices, the Vice President or Lawmakers, the Cabinet or Civil Servants, irrespective of gender, religion, or ethnicity.  Let Justice be done to All. 

May God Continue to bless Africa’s Oldest Republic, and preserve our hegemony.  Thank you!


Meapeh Kou. Gono