Liberia: Of Margibi, For Margibi


The Editor,

I am a son of Margibi, and I am disappointed and outraged. It is of due cognizance of the unequivocal fact that Margibi County remits a significant amount of money to the government of Liberia through the Roberts International Airport (RIA); which is a major source of revenue generation for the country. The government is also benefiting exceedingly through payroll taxes collected from employees of the many giant concession companies operating in our county including the Firestone Rubber Plantation, Weala Rubber Corporation (WRC) amongst others. Yet, nothing has been done to prioritize the people of Margibi.
It is NOT fair; 

that we are a power-house of revenue generation for this country but we are NOT given our just benefit in return as reflected in the National Budget;
that our money stays in Monrovia to be enjoyed by Mr. Weah’s family and confidants while our people are left to wallow in abject poverty;

that an alien in Clar Weah is allotted in the 2020/2021 fiscal year budget a whopping sum of US$2.7Million while the only referral public hospital in Margibi, the C.H. Rennie Hospital is given a pitiful US$100K; while the Booker T. Washington Institution which hosts students from all over Liberia is given only $US1.8Million; while KRTTI receives a little of US$761.2K; while Harbel College is allotted only pennies amounting to US$541.4K. 
Can Margibi continue to compromise her just benefit in the National Budget while patients buy their own drugs and fuel at the C.H. Rennie Hospital before they are treated?

This is not only unacceptable but it is inhumane. This cannot be allowed to continue, while the people of Marbigi perish. This Weah-led government must increase the Margibi County allocation in the National Budget immediately. The National Legislature must increase the Margibi County allocation in the National Budget Immediately. To start, the Firestone land rental fee, as well as 5% of all Margibi employee payroll taxes should be redirected to the county development fund account. While this will in no way fully compensate the people of Margibi, it will be a good start and show a good-faith gesture. 

NEVER AGAIN should Margibi compromise her just benefit in the National Budget. The people of Margibi should not accept a budget in which the wife of the president is given more money than BWI, KRTTI, Harbel College and C.H. Rennie Hospital. We must be prepared to Demand more money in the National Budget for all public institutions in Margibi County. We must say NO to patients buying their own drugs or fuel in the C.H. Rennie Hospital before they are treated.

My people, we must demand and demand unconditionally. Across Margibi County the people must self-determine their budget and stand ready to come out in their THOUSANDS to submit their just Demand to the necessary constituted authorities for swift redress. 
Until the people’s demands are met, the struggle for the people of Margibi Continues!

Signed: Peter Omascar Sanders,
Margibi Budget Council

[email protected]