Liberia: Issues of Concern Regarding the Somalia Drive/Japan Highway


The Editor,

This is a monumental achievement in regards to reducing vehicle traffic and opening more road connectivity. I kept silent from the start of the process with the knowledge that I cannot run with my ideas when I never had the opportunity to see, or get information (though sought but to no avail) on any design scheme.

From my research, both from literature and physical from other countries, a Freeway is a carriageway where driving lanes have very less hindrances as regards stopping besides accidents or emergencies or sudden breakdowns.

That is to say, all traffic on such lanes moves freely in observance of the ascribed speed limits. And as such, lay-bys are constructed for busses…therefore, pick-up and drop-off passengers are strictly prohibited by all vehicles with the accepting of busses.

In this case, two extra lanes( on both sides) known as commercial lanes as vehicles wishing to do business along this Freeway will have easy exits and access…with this, the intrusion of illegal business or activities will either be prohibited or minimized and also reduce road accidents.

Now that this road is pronounced open I’m going the government will look into this and create these extra commercial lanes or we shall risk the same tightness and congestion existing on the Caldwell road.

Kenneth Awegee

[email protected]