Liberia: An SOS Call to Help President Weah


The Editor,

I like Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh, John Morlu (former Auditor General of Liberia), Dr. Antoinette Sayeth or Professor Wilson Tarpeh as Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia.

If President Weah is serious to clean up the messy economy and the pending financial collapse of the banking system then he needs someone to help him.

But if President Weah wants someone he can control like his unfit Finance Minister who can raid banks to get Weah any amount of money, President Weah needs as it was with the Donors Funds at the Central Bank, then he will name any “yes-sir yes-sir” person to replace the outgoing yes-sir Nat Patray.

President Weah needs to wake up from his slumber and apathy and smell the fire. Running a country is not the same as playing a football game. The declining economy and the financial meltdown in the country will be his worst nightmare and not Henry Costa or any opposition leader.

When his Defense Minister Daniel Ziangan is taking on the public airwaves on radio stations to fume about soldiers not receiving their pay, their monthly food rations and have no steady supply of electricity and no access to drugs and adequate healthcare, that should give President Weah a wake-up call.

Add to that, the striking 11,000 healthcare workers who are demanding months in back pay and the corresponding virtual shutdown of the public healthcare system should ring a bell in Weah’s ears.

The schools could be next including public colleges where teachers are also owed months in back pay; add to them the 70,000-plus civil servants who are grumblings about back pay and can’t feed their families and can’t send their children to school.

How much money could have been saved if President Weah had designated his UN ambassador to read his lukewarm speech to the world body. Perhaps $500,000.00 or more that was spent travelling with a 58-man delegation could have helped to settle some of the demands by the healthcare workers.

But then Dr. Weah is the Country Giant who is coming and “your move from the road.” There is Henry Costa and his COP grassroots who are drumming up support for their planned December 30 “George Weah Step Down” campaign. Just a hint and not a sermon.

Jerry Wehtee Wion,
[email protected]

Washington., DC, USA