Let’s Resist Attempt To Lower Politics In Liberia


The Editor,

I’m a hardcore member of the community of opposition to the CDC-led administration and besides, a supporter of Sen. Abraham Darius Dillon. If you don’t know, I was a part of the team of brothers under the banner of, “Friends of Dillon”, who supported and inspired Dillon to contest for the Senate vacant seat in 2009, created as a result of the death of former Senator Hannah Byrant of Montserrado County. 

But here is the settled-truth! When I chose to be an opposition member to the ruling party, I didn’t sign in as a cult member of the opposition community. It’s only a cult member that’ll choose to bury his daring conscience in the sand and wouldn’t overtly assemble the intestinal fortitude and moral courage to condemn or decry wrongs or ills in that organisation. No! I didn’t sign up for this, and never will I do in my lifetime. 

We’ve criticised Cdceans on rivers of occasions of being unreasonable and irrational in their support to Weah and the government; hence, we too, must not afford to be irrational, blind and unreasonable in our support to members of the opposition and our parties. If you take my advice, we’ll, by our good consciences and a deep sense of patriotism, elevate so highly, the quality of our politics. We must resist the temptation of lowering our politics. Certainly, we must not dare do!

The allegations made by the Pro tempore, Albert Tugbe Chie, against our friend Dillon, in an open session, is too strong for Dillon, our friend, to remain tacit tongued and quiet on. We must encourage Senator Dillon to openly speak to the imaged-demeaning assertions made by the Pro tempore against his person. Dillon can’t be here and we his supporters, are blindly clarifying on his behalf. We weren’t present when the money in question, was allegedly given to Dillon under the “cover of darkness.” Therefore, it’ll be an honest thing to do if we demand Dillon to address himself to the tarnishes and mud thrown at his person, not by an ordinary citizen or low-profiled government official, but the Pro tempore of the honourable Senate, to which, our friend Dillon, is a member.   

Arguing that Pro tempore Chie is a Cdcean and a puppeteer or stooge of Weah paid to destroy our outspoken Senator in Dillon is not strong or exhaustive enough to dismiss the claims made by his colleague. 

I’m a strong and passionate admirer of Amb. Lewis Garseedah Brown, II. I admire him, not just for his deep sense of patriotism, but also, the dominance of his eloquence and the power of his persuasion to advance genuine causes or issues across. But notwithstanding, I’ll disagree with him vehemently in the open and secret, when he does wrong. My noble conscience will not allow me to support him all the time, whether he does what is wrong or right. All humans are flawed beings – we have our shortcomings.
Henceforth, we must not see our leaders as moral Saints or deities. 

I’m not loyal to Lewis Brown, neither Dillon nor anybody on earth and beneath it. My loyalty is to ideas and Liberia first. 

One of the greatest Presidents of United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, was right when he accentuated, ” I’m with you while you do the right thing, I depart from you when you do wrong”. So, if none of us, supporters of Dillon and the opposition, can go on record to demand Dillon to openly address himself to the huge claims made against his person, I’ll be the first person to ask him to do so.

Julius Jaesen

[email protected]