Former President Sirleaf is Right to Talk Rubbish


The Editor,

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been and is a curse on Liberia since the 1970s: from being the chief architect and financier of the 14-year genocidal holocaust and then we rewarded her with 12 years to loot our country where she and her family raped billions$ from our resources and treasury. Now she is rubbing insults into our wounds. Indeed, Donald Trump is right to brand us as “shithole countries” in Africa.

And if anyone thinks things are going to get better under George Weah, then Ellen outsmarts us again because she does not want anyone smarter than her–Joe Boakai–to replace her so she has given us a clueless footballer in George Weah in yet another rigged elections.

Unless progressive Liberians go back to the playbook of Baccus Matthews and others to inspire a hopeless population to radical and unorthodox revolutionary actions, it is totally useless to place any hope in any future elections (2023) when the outcome is predictably known before time: another farce or rigged elections as we saw in 1985, 1997, 2005, 2011 and 2017.

There are willing masses to spearhead the struggle but there is no leadership. Opportunists preach “revolutions” but by remote control. Protests are not going to bring about revolutionary changes but through sweat and blood. Change comes about in nations that adhere to the rule of law where institutions are grounded in the constitution. For Liberia, “puah-puah.”

Like him or not but Samuel Doe would still be in power today had Charles Taylor not taken the unorthodox but necessary means to get Doe from power. And Taylor would still be in power today had LURD and MODEL not taken the unorthodox approach in chasing Taylor from power.

George Weah is praying that the Liberian people dont embark on the same unorthodox approach to end his looting and plunder of the country. That is why he was so fearful and he threatened to run away when Henry Costa put 20,000 in the streets on June 7, 2017 and again before the January 6 protest.

Weah does not have anything near the army Doe and Taylor had; Weah can hardly pay them or house and feed them. His soldiers have no reason to risk their lives. And so he relies on the few EPS and police officers to terrorize any protest organizers/leaders as we saw with Henry Costa in January and now this week with Emmanuel Savice…. and it will get worse each time until our people change their game plan to the effective unorthodox means of getting their freedom “by any means necessary.” 2023 my a_ _, and forgive me for the slip of my finger/tongue.

Therefore Ellen is right to talk rubbish and hopes Weah keeps his promise to her to “protect Ellen” as long as Ellen keeps dropping him and his CDC henchmen crumbs and bones falling from her dinner table…..until an unorthodox approach is introduced to end the nightmare imposed on our people. Just a thought and not a sermon. I am ready for the onslaughts.

Jerry Wehtee Wion
[email protected]

Washington, DC, USA.