Coronavirus Kukujumuku Unraveling In Liberia

If the EU, UN, United States of America (our traditional friends), etc. want us to believe that they are not partners to those extractive institutions that have stagnant our people, let them take practical steps toward the plundering of resources given as aid. International sanctions would be one of the major steps.

The Editor,

The Coronavirus kukujumuku has just started in Liberia and it is going to get really ugly and deadly like Ebola if we don’t get our acts together. By not subjecting people arriving at RI Airport to the mandatory 14-day quarantine period is the biggest mistake by the government. Bet you there are many Liberians who are infected that don’t know they are carrying the virus.

We just didn’t learn any lessons from the Ebola crisis. Ellen and her corrupt government stole the billions$ that were given to Liberia to upgrade the healthcare system. Ellen’s older sister Jenny Bernard was National Healthcare Coordinator and also was Board Chairman for Just For Killing (JFK) Hospital. Look at JFK today. You can’t even take your dog there for treatment and our people are going to die like flies from Coronavirus.

What sense does it make to build a brand-new hospital, #14 Military in Schufflin when the money could have gone to upgrading and equipping JFK Hospital? Why quarantine people in a building that has no running water and flush toilet?

The Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Health lack the expertise to deal with this virus. The fact that they are simply checking body temperatures at RI Airport and not the looking for the virus is national disaster to begin with. Now we have a nightmare on our hands by allowing people with the virus to mingle with the rest of the population as with Nat Blamah and now Lenda Russ and Lorraine Mason and possibly all those they came in contact with.

I knew the government wasn’t ready to deal with this killer Coronavirus by its flawed policy at RI Airport that allowed people in from Convid-19-prone countries to to self-quarantine. That is a disaster. Add to that you have government big shots who are not subjecting themselves to the mandatory 14-day quarantine as we saw with Blamah.

Now healthcare workers at JFK Hospital are exposing themselves to the virus by not having the proper PPEs ( Personal Protective Equipment.)

Finally, it was very disgusting to see government officials this week at the Ministry of Information Press Briefings using the same microphone and not washing their hands including Ministers Len Eugene Nagbe, Jallah, Fahngon, NIH doctors telling Liberians about how to combat the virus. Welcome to the kukujumuku. Just a thought and not a sermon.

Jerry Wehtee Wion
[email protected]

Washington, DC, USA