‘Please Forgive Our Rash Bravado, Egotism’: A Plea to Acarous Gray & Mulbah Morlu



Coming events, the elders say, always cast their shadows. Indeed, coming events are beginning to cast their long shadows. From the look of things, you guys need to brace yourselves for stormy days ahead (ref: Liberia: Weah Misses Opportunity to Reconcile with Disgruntled Ruling Party Figures. https://frontpageafricaonline.com/politics/liberia-weah-misses-opportunity-to-reconcile-with-disgruntled-party-figures/).  

As you prepare yourselves for the storm ahead, just soothe yourselves by remembering that our current governance paralysis is a product of your handiwork. Someday when this government is no more in power, you will have to come forth with a sincere apology to the Liberian people. And your apology should go along these lines: 

“Fellow Liberians, we repent! On behalf of executives of the tripartite CDC, we apologize for this monumental failure and embarrassment we brought upon you. In our youthful exuberance, we equated governance to playing football on the beautiful turf of the SKD Sports Complex. Little did we know that governance was a task for which we were ill-prepared. And so we performed woefully. We flouted and floundered the laws and customs of the land. We dashed your hopes. We failed to deliver on our promises. We turned national governance into a theatre of the absurd. We inherited a bad economy, but, to our credit, we made it worse. We desecrated public service by misleading the youth to believe that one did not have to go to school to prepare for leadership. One only had to be a rabble-rouser and a blind loyalist to be accorded a lavish welcome to public service. Now, in hindsight, we can see how wrong we were. Please forgive our rash bravado, our egotism, and downright incompetence and lack of vision.”

When you make this apology, gentlemen, you will have not only unburdened yourselves of guilt but also freed yourselves from the fury of damnation. The Liberian people, forgiving and forgetful as they are, will pardon your wrongdoings.

I look forward to that day. God speed the day when we shall be relieved of this national albatross!

In the cause of a better Liberia,

Alston C. Armah

A concerned Liberian Citizen

[email protected]