Liberia: Warnings Coming Back to Haunt Weah, CDC


The Editor,

Marriages start from flirting, dating, love, courrship, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, cheating, lies, bitterness, separation, at times murder or eventually DIVORCE.

I warned in “MY TURN” political commentaries during the 2017 presidential campaign that the political marriage between the CDC and the NPP would be politically toxic. It started with Weah’s midnight flirtations with jailbird Charles Taylor who is still in a British jail with secret phone calls unearthed by the Americans but were vehemently denied by Weah and company.

It was the American lawyer Alan White who successfully prosecuted and sent Taylor to jail for 50 years or life that first revealed that candidate George Weah was talking to Charles Taylor to have his NPP and wife Jewel merge with the CDC in a coalition where Weah will have Jewel as his vice president. Weah and his CDC cried foul and denounced the Americans as evil,

For the CDC rebuttal, I arranged with my cousin James Butty of VOA to have Mr. Wilson Tarpeh reply “officially” on VOA and Mr. Wilson said that Mr. Weah “could not confirm nor deny” of ever talking to Mr. Taylor.

Then my well placed sources within the US security and diplomatic circles called me and gave me the names of all who were in the house when Mr. Weah took the call from Mr. Taylor. But what Mr. Weah didn’t know at the time and perhaps up to now is that some of his underpaid close associates work for the nosey, ever present American CIA. Hello? I then mentioned the names of all those that were in the house and who all spoke with Mr. Taylor also.

Less than three months later Mr. Weah publicly confirmed he had spoken with Mr. Taylor after months of denials….and he later correctly picked Jewel Taylor as his VP running just as the Americans had suggested.

Again, let me go back to what I said then that the Americans monitor and know everything said by anyone in Liberia on the phone, every transaction done by text, email on the Internet including money laundering, bank transactions from the President of Liberia down to the lowest employee in government or in the private sector. It is called “ESPIONAGE” or spying and the Americans are the best in the world in this business. Money is usually the bait/carrot and the Americans print their own money, plenty of it, billions$, trillions$.

The most recent typical example would be the selling of Liberian diplomatic passports to disguised Islamic Jihadists, from the Talabans to Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda leftovers who seek to do harm to America, Israel and their allies as well as to global drug cartels and their hired traffickers camouflaged as “Liberian Counsel Generals” to a degree that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo himself had to put the Weah regime on notice.

If the Liberian government follows US and global intelligence news reports, a wanted former US security agent who fled to Putin’s Russia–one Mr. Snow–revealed a top US security secret that the United States Intelligence monitors the phone conversations, emails, text messages of every world leader and that revelation rattled the political feathers of the leaders of Germany, France, Great Britain and other countries.

The million dollar question for all Liberian leaders then becomes: if America can listen in on the conversation of its allies then what about poor and corrupt Liberia?

But before I wander off from the rocky marriage between President Weah and his Vice President Jewel Taylor, as the Americans made us to understand from the beginning, “the chickens are now coming home to roost.” And this could be the beginning to the end of a marriage not made in the Heavens. Just a thought and not a sermon.

Jerry Wehtee Wion, Journalist and Political Commentator
Washington, DC, USA
[email protected]