Liberia: Letter from The Editor on the Writ of Arrest Issued on the Management of FPA by Criminal Court ‘C’



Since the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19, we have limited presence at our main office near Vamoma Junction Airfield Road. Most, if not all of our reporters and editors work from home and submit stories via email and our WhatsApp group chat.

To our dismay, the Criminal Court “C” presided over by assigned Circuit Court Judge, OUSMAN F. Feika this morning ordered the arrest of our Management for what it calls our failure and refusal to sign for and receive a writ of summons.

Our security officers say that the Sheriff made an attempt to serve the writ at 11am for the management to appear at 12:30pm, making it nearly impossible for anyone in authority to appear on time thus breaking the law as all of our staff were on assignment.

While we have no intention of breaking the law we are also mindful of observing Covid protocols. We have done nothing wrong for any judge to order our arrest. We will be happy to appear once we are served in reasonable time to honor the court’s request.

In this light, we are pleading with Chief Justice Korkpor to ensure that the judicial branch use its power for those who need it the most, and not to muzzle, intimidate or instill fears in members of the Fourth Estate.

The Editor.