Liberia: ‘Justice Minister Musa Dean No Longer Member of Dean & Associates’ – Firm Clarifies as It Open New Offices in Monrovia


MONROVIA – The DEAN and ASSOCIATES INC. has distanced itself from Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean, stating that he has no share in the firm and doesn’t bring or take money from the firm. The disclaimer was made during the grand opening of the firm’s new offices in Monrovia.

Cllr. Bushuben M. Keita, Executive Director of the firm, confirmed that Cllr. Dean is a founding shareholder but withdrew his share after he was appointed Justice Minister.

His comments were in response to a query from Cllr. Kofi Woods who served as guest speaker at the grand opening.

“Cllr. Dean does not take money from here and doesn’t bring money here,” Cllr. Keita stated.

In his statement Cllr. Kofi Woods cautioned the firm to provide the disclaimer with the now Justice Minister so as to avoid unfair advantages given to the firm against other firms because of the Minister of Justice’s proximity to power.

“It is important to establish very well that this firm existed before Musa Dean became Justice Minister, so, we don’t follow the trend that the Justice Minister’s firm gives undue advantage to anybody.”

In support to his concern, Cllr. Woods explained a scenario of former House Speaker Richard Henry who he said was operating and law firm and representing the interest of Firestone and other concessions while still in the Legislature.

I got my motivation from my experience

Cllr. Woods, known for his stance on human rights issues, said he his motivation to become a layer was backed by his experience of being victimized under the Samuel K. Doe government where he was banned from working in the country because of his advocacy on issues of national concern.

“Because of my experience, that is why my background as a lawyer is to represent people and help others,” he said.

Give life to the law

In his comments as guest speaker at the event, he cautioned his colleagues to “give life to the law” because, according to him, humans promulgate these laws.

He also stressed on the need for lawyers to remain professional in their deals in a way that will regain or maintain public trust in the judiciary.

Atty. Woods: “The public trust in the Judiciary is eroding by the day and these criticisms must lead to self-assessment and evaluation of ourselves as lawyers.

“The ethical dimension of our work must drive our professional work, the way we deal with our clients and the Public must be driven by ethical standards. Laws must be used as the vehicle of social change and not for only money making.”

He frowned on lawyers who compromise the interest of their clients for money. “We cannot be doing that. The law profession is a dignified profession. My hope is that when the Legislature fails our people, the Executive fails us the judiciary must hold the society at balance by bringing the nation to sanity and revive our consciousness.”

He expressed optimism that the Dean and Associates INC. will work to offer hope and restore values of the law profession. “We lawyers cannot be zombies, we must remain professional, this nation cannot turn into a zombie nation.”