Liberia: Police Enforces Traffic Regulations on Motorcyclist on RIA Highway


Margibi County – The Liberia National Police (LNP) has begun to enforce traffic regulations for motorcyclists who breached its regulation by plying the Roberts International Airport route.

According to Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue, the cyclists were instructed to stop at a certain point, but they are plying beyond.

It can be recalled that the Senate invited IG Sudue following the Police’s decision to allow motorcyclists ply areas that were considered No go zones.

Recently, the Police IG said officers have been asked not to allow cyclists reached Gbengbah Town since they violated the previous restriction.

Officers are currently enforcing the regulations that have resulted in intervention by District #6 lawmaker Samuel Enders.

Rep. Enders has pleaded with the LNP to allow the cyclists to stop at Gbengbah town, promising that they (cyclists) will not ply the no-go zone.

It can recall that the Senate held a debate on the issue and Senator Steve Zargo, chair of Senate’s Defense Committee, said the decision to restrict the motorcyclists to specific routes was welcomed by every sector, including the riders themselves, whom he said, have since been operating outside of the restricted zones.

“The decision by the past administration of the LNP to ban motorcyclists from plying the principal streets of Monrovia was taken after thorough consultation with and among national security institutions, our international partners on the other, and these decisions were based on two prevailing factors at the time the ban was imposed.

“The rate at which road accidents involving motorcycles and motorcyclists were occurring, and the increased usage of motorcyclists and motorcycles in the commission of crimes, especially armed robbery,” Sen. Zargo said at the time.

A pronouncement made by the Executive Branch of Government also lifted the ban, giving motorcyclists the rights to ply no-go-zones.

The LNP met motorcyclists in March 2018 at the SKD Sports Complex the Police lifted the restrictions imposed by his predecessor. But that decision was reversed.