Liberia: Businessman Denies Accusing Commercial Court Judge Mappy Morgan of Corruption



Amos P.K. Brosius

Monrovia – Liberian businessman, Amos P.K. Brosius, a minority shareholder of Ducor Petroleum Incorporated has denied accusing Commercial Court Judge Eva Mappy Morgan of withdrawing more than US$3 million from his account at the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) as reported by the media.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh, [email protected]

Brosius made the disclosure on Monday, October 1, 2018 when he appeared in court (Commercial Court) to answer to a four-count writ of summons for contempt on the allegation of corruption.

“I have received a show cause writ, a writ of summon for contempt asking me to come and address myself to four issues. One has to do with withdrawal of money from the account of Ducor at LBDI, the second has to do with the sale of my property even while the court is in possession of money that belongs to me, and the third one has do with that I have alleged that the chief judge visited my residence after she sold it, and the fourth one they talked of bridging the gap placed on all parties, which actually is vague and indistinct,” Brosius said.

In an interview with reporters, Brosius denied accusing Judge Mappy of withdrawing money from his account, confiscating his property, and maligning her character but rather stated that the court is in possession of his account based on agreements between the conflicting parties (Ducor and MOTC) as misquoted by the media.

He continued: “When I appeared, they modified the charges, and I should speak straightly to three things that they talked about. That I should address myself to allegation that Judge Eva Mappy Morgan stole USD$3.1 or 3.4 million dollars from my account. That Judge Eva Mappy Morgan took my property, and the 3rd one that Judge Eva Mappy Morgan sold my property. I am saying, that there is a vast difference between my allegations that the court is in possession of my account. The judge is in possession of the money, how can she steal it?”

Brosius further stated that he couldn’t disrespect the judge for any reason, refuting the allegation of maligning the person of Judge Mappy Morgan.

The General Manager of Ducor Petroleum said he would continue to pursue the matter within the confines of the law despite his disappointment over the way the matter is being handled by the court.

“I did not accuse the judge personally if you listen to me. I used the word ‘personally’. I am not accusing Judge Eva Mappy Morgan personally. I said because I respect due process because I respect the court system that why I willingly, voluntarily turn over to the court for investigation,” he averred.

At the same time, Brosius expressed disappointment over the continuous arrest and detention of his lawyers under the guise of contempt of court as an attempt to intimidate him to abandon the case and leave him vulnerable.