Talboy Foundation to Provide Scholarships, Jobs to Ebola Survivors


Monrovia – The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Talboy Foundation, Philip Talboy, has vowed to provide scholarships and job opportunities to Ebola survivors to enhance their human resource development.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh – [email protected] 

Talboy said his foundation remains committed to empower young women to educate Ebola Survivors and orphans across the country. 

He made the disclosure over the weekend during the official launch of the Talboy Foundation at the Calvary Revival Temple in Duala, Bushrold Island.

“The literacy rate (ability to read and write) among persons 15-24 years old is 63% for males and 37% for females.

According to the Liberian Education Profile, the education infrastructure in Liberia is one of the weakest in Sun-Sahara Africa,” he said. 

“The dropout rate is high, 65% for boys and 73% for girls. At secondary level, the net rate is 34%. We want to bring jobs, we want to bring education and lots of stuff to Liberia.”

Talboy said the lack of good curricula, learning materials and qualified teachers are some of the challenges confronting the Liberian education system, declaring that his foundation will work with the Ministry of Education and other relevant institutions to help revamp the education system. 

“The major obstacles Liberia has to fight are parents’ illiteracy, overcrowded classrooms at kindergarten and primary levels, high dropout rates, and inadequate educational infrastructure.”

“The quality of education is inadequate in Liberia because of a lack of quality curricula, lack of learning materials, lack of qualified teachers and overall system instability,” he said. 

Talboy added that his foundation will provide grant for health care careers and build schools in Liberia and other parts of West Africa that meet U.S standard for orphans and Ebola Survivors. 

At the same, a board member of the foundation, Asatu Bah-Kenneth, said the launch of the foundation has brought hope to the many challenges confronting orphans and Ebola Survivors, encouraging them to take advantage of the opportunity to better their lives. 

“When you have an opportunity, make use of it. It is good to make use of opportunity. We want this launch today to serve as a key to the success of girls in the streets in Liberia. We want it to give hope to the Ebola Survivors, we want it to give hope to the women of Liberia whether you are educated or not” 

“Liberia went through disarmament process, but we still need to disarm our hearts. If our hearts are not disarmed towards activities, to towards development and to success in this country, we will not succeed,” she said. 

The Talboy Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Idaho, USA and Liberia.

Its mission is to assist in building a robust education system for Ebola survivors and orphans in Liberia, West Africa and the World. 

The foundation has provided individuals, communities and schools affected by Ebola with food, clothing, and grants to community health clinics to care for children.