Senator Zargo Donates Medical Supplies to Tellewoyan Hospital


Voinjama, Lofa County – The Medical Director at the Tellewoyan Memorial Hospital in Voinjama, Lofa County has reacted to reports that the hospital lacks drugs and other medical supplies to ably function.

Momolu Massaley told FPA in Lofa County recently that the hospital receives medical supplies on a daily basis but these supplies are accordingly divided weekly to better address the growing need for medication in the highly populated Lofa County.

In the wake of reports about critical challenges the hospital is faced with, a huge consignment of drugs in the valued at US$1,000 along with other medical supplies from the Nyonblee Cares Foundation was donated to the Tellewoyan Memorial Hospital in Lofa County, by Senator Steve Zargo as a means to help during periods of emergency.

“We received a call that there was a shortage in drugs at the hospital, so in conjunction with the Nyonblee Cares Foundation, we decided to bring these drugs so that our people can continue to be safe.

The consignment contained several important fundamental and needed drugs that were purchased at the Lucky Pharmacy in Monrovia,” Zargo said.

The donation, according to him, was necessary, since there was a need to help the people who are experiencing challenges of getting the needed drugs.

“The consignment contains lot of medical stuffs including, Alcohol, Hospital Lining, Wrap-up, chairs, rubber utilities and strip oxygen cups among others”.   

Senator Zargo however assured the Tellewoyan Memorial Hospital of addressing their quest for budgetary support in the shortest possible time, since there are influx of people who seek medical attention at the health center.

But the Tellewoyan Memorial Head Doctor during the donation frowned at what he calls negative reports which, according to him, undermines not just the good work of medical practitioners at the hospital but also the Ministry of Health as well.

He admonished stewards of Lofa County to do a proper fact-finding at the Tellewoyon Memorial Hospital before coming in with drugs and other medical supplies in the name of rescuing patients there.

According to him, the consignment sometimes does not complete its actual time frame as a result of other nationals, especially neighboring Guineaans coming in to seek medical attention, owing to the fact that the Tellewoyon Memorial Hospital is a referral center.

Doctor Massalay also alarmed that there are other crucial challenges the institution is currently faced with, naming the lack of sufficient manpower to foster normal medical work.

“There are many here who are really sacrificing. We have shortage of manpower and people are working for extraordinary time, so if you want to talk, come let us talk and we will be appreciative to tell you everything that you want to know and your help will be then appreciated.”

He asserted that the donation of consignment of drugs by the Senator is a help since medical practitioners at the hospital have always been personally purchasing needed drugs whenever the hospital is experiencing a shortage.

“We appreciate you,” he pointed out to Senator Zargo, cautioning “I hope people will take this opportunity to learn. I hope this will be an eye opening situation so that your colleagues or whosoever that has the people of this country at heart to think like you in bringing drugs.”

Massalay re-echoed that the Tellewoyon Memorial Hospital is the only referral medical site in Lofa that accepts Sierra Leoneans and more Guineans since according to him the hospital is keeping its free service delivery at the highest peak than most hospitals across Liberia.

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