Liberia’s Ambassador At-Large for Italy Donates Assorted Medical Items to Government’s Ministries, Educational Package for Needy Children

Amb. Milici, an Italian national, was appointed as Liberia’s Ambassador at-large for Italy in 2019 in the wake of his immense humanitarian activities in Liberia.

Monrovia – Liberia’s Ambassador At-Large, Riccardo Milici has made a donation of assorted medical drugs to the clinics of several line ministries and agencies as part of his numerous support to the government.

The benefitting institutions include the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health, and the elite Executive Protection Services (EPS).

At each of the institutions, Amb. Milici said the donation was part of his programs aimed at assisting and empowering the government in rendering basic services.

“These are little token brought to you to enhance your work. I came before, today I am back again and I will always be looking out there for support to help you in your work in serving the Liberian people,” he said while presenting the medical drugs to the EPS.

Receiving the items, the Director for Administration at the EPS, Marvee Coker thanked Amb. Milici and promised that the drugs will be used for the right purpose. Coker recounted that it was not Amb. Milici’s first time identifying with the EPS, and called on him to continue his services.

“For and on behalf of the Director, I want to say thank you very much. This is not the first time, you been a very good help to the service. I want to say thank you very much, and I want to assure that this drug will be sued for the intended purpose,” Coker said.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Milici noted that he was glad to identify with the Ministry he called his home, and said it was his personal gesture to help the ministry in rendering first aid services; something he said, he will continue to do as long as the opportunity arises.

The Ministry’s official, receiving the items, hailed Amb. Milici for reaching out to the Ministry again. He recounted the numerous support the Liberia’s Ambassador-at-Large has been rendering the institution and made passionate appeal to him to continue his humanitarian services; not only to the ministry or government’s institutions, but the entire Liberian population, especially the needy people.

He said. “Thank you very much for your good work; especially for your service and to the Government of Liberia. You have been doing very well. You trained our security very well, you donated drugs before, and you are doing it again. We hope that you will do more.”

He continued: “So, on behalf of the Minister and the Deputy Minister for Administration who would have loved being here but they are not here, we want to be grateful to you ever so much for these drugs and we want to assure you that the medicines will be used for the intended purpose. We also want to appeal to you to help the people of Liberia.”

Meanwhile, as part of his November outreach, Amb. Milici donated school materials including 100 dozens of copybooks and pens to several children in Congo Town. He said, as the children return to school following a long break due to COVID-19, it was prudent to assist the parents in whatever positive way to start school.

The parents extended their thanks and appreciation to the diplomat for his timely intervention.

Amb. Milici, an Italian national, was appointed as Liberia’s Ambassador At-Large for Italy in 2019 in the wake of his immense humanitarian activities in Liberia.

Since his appointment, he continues to render more humanitarian and professional assistances to the Government of Liberia and private institutions.