Liberian Nurses Association-DFW Texas Leads Medical Mission to Liberia


MONROVIA – Mrs. Carolyn Woahloe, BSN, RN, President of the Liberian Nurses Association-DFW (LNA-DFW) has led a two-man delegation to Liberia from December 10 to 21, 2021. She was accompanied by Kristen D. Preddy, PhD, RN, CNS, educator on neonatal resuscitation.

The objectives of the December 2021 mission trip to Liberia were to conduct an “On the-Ground” assessment of the ongoing works sponsored by the Liberian Nurses Association-DFW at the government owned Gbeivonwea clinic in Nimba County which commenced in early 2021. On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, the team made a 3-day mission trip to Gbeivonwea clinic and conducted a One-Day training on neonatal resuscitation “Helping Baby Breathe” and health screening. A donation of a laptop, printer, generator, assorted OTC drugs, assorted medical supplies, and an envelope to appreciate the staff was also made to the clinic.  Over the period, the Gbeivonwea Clinic has benefited from renovation of the facility, health screening, clinical education/training on infection control, customer service, basic cardiac pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training, assorted OTC drugs, and medical supplies.

On Monday, December 20, 2021, the team made a follow-up visit to the Pipeline Health Center (PHC), to assess previous works (renovation of the Maternal Unit & the construction of a 47-foot-long patients triage shelter) done at the clinic. A One-Day training on neonatal resuscitation “Helping Baby Breathe” was conducted for Midwives and Nurses by the team.

Over the years, the LNA-DFW has been substantially involved in supporting the Liberian Health System by providing training, OTC drugs, medical supplies, equipment, and renovation of some of our key health care facilities in Monrovia and some parts of the rural communities. Their motto: “Bring change to the healthcare system in Liberia, one person, one clinic and one community at a time”.

The President of the organization, Mrs. Carolyn Woahloe believes that a healthy nation, is a productive nation; and says that all Liberians have the right to receive quality healthcare that is free or affordable.