Liberia’s First Lady Launches Nationwide Mosquitoes Net Distribution


Monrovia – As Liberia joins the world in commemorating World Malaria Day, the First Lady, Clar Weah launched the mass distribution of insecticide mosquito net (LLINs) to the public.

World Malaria Day is observed on the 25th of April every year. The day was previously celebrated as Africa Malaria Day before it was amended as World Malaria Day, and was adopted at the summit of African heads of state and government in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1997.

It urges member states of the African Union (AU) to initiate and implement plan of actions to curtain malaria and malaria-related mortality rates in Africa.

This year celebration was held globally under the theme: “Ready to beat Malaria” with a national slogan: “Everywhere, Every night, sleep under the net”.

Speaking at the launched of the LLINs at the Paynesville town hall, First Lady Clar Weah said despite all the efforts being put in by the government of Liberia to combat malaria, the disease remains a major challenge in Liberia.

She called on the government and international partners to put in more effort to eradicate malaria, which she noted remains a major cause of deaths in Liberia.

Mrs. Weah said the nationwide distribution of the insecticide mosquito net is intended to protect people from contracting malaria. She called on Liberians to use the insecticide mosquito nets for its intended purpose.

“We must all work on the goal of reaching a zero-malaria death profile to save our population from being affected with this disease especially, for the children under five and the pregnant women who are most at risk,” she said.

In pursuit of this goal, the government of Liberia with support from the global funds and the President Malaria initiative of the US government are vigorously intensifying the anti-malaria strategy.

This strategic plan calls for the reduction of malaria by fifty percent by 2020 using the 2011 profile as a baseline.

“However, as we make these mosquito net available to you, I urge every person who receive the net to use them for their intended purpose so that together we can fight to kick malaria, with those few words, I Clar Weah first lady of the republic of Liberia, hereby declare the 2018 mass mosquito net campaign officially launch,” the First Lady said.

For her part, Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah extolled the many sacrifices the health workers of Liberia have made in reducing malaria.

She also used the occasion to recognize the impact of the government and international partners for their many supports in combating malaria in Liberia.

Speaking further, Dr. Jallah called on the public to not misuse the net as it is intended to keep them from getting malaria.

“With the continued support of our many international partners we can continue to reduce the spread of this disease in our country. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners that had supported us in this fight against malaria,” she said.

“The purpose of the first lady of Liberia to launch this campaign speaks volume of the government’s commitment and dedication to prioritizing the fight against malaria,” Dr. Jallah noted.

US ambassador to Liberia, Christian Elder, said her government is committed to work with the Liberians in reducing malaria epidemic, adding that the level of progress made in the health sector shows that eradicating malaria is possible.

Report by Jackson F. [email protected]/0770195412/0888132331