Liberia: Rep Samah Aims to Distribute Medical Equipment to Hospitals

Montserrado County Rep. George Samah (1st from right) and some officials of his office and District 12 health team head, Thomas Gbokie (1st from left)

Barnesville – Montserrado County’s District 12 lawmaker, George B. Samah, has brought in a 40-foot container of medical equipment and other assorted materials that he aims to distribute to several hospitals in the county.

The lawmaker seeks to donate defibrillators, drugs, mattresses, rice and other medical supplies. He intends to distribute them to several health facilities.

According to Rep Samah, the defibrillators are used to restore a normal heartbeat by sending electric pulse to the heart and prevent an arrhythmia would help patients during difficult treatment.  

Rep Samah, a House Committee member on Health, said he’s working with the Montserrado County health team to ensure the needy health facilities received these materials.

Adding that healthcare delivery remains atop of his agenda and it is means of buttressing government effort in the country.

“The 40-foot container is some of what we intend to do for clinics in District #12 and other facilities beyond the district.”

“I think there is a dare need for all of us to work together, so that we can augment government initiative in the area of healthcare delivery,” Rep Samah said.

“So these materials we have will also be shared with other health facilities like Redemption Hospital, John F Kennedy hospital  and some private institutions that might be in need,” he added. 

Receiving the materials, the District 12 medical health team head, Thomas Gbokie commended the lawmaker for the materials.

Mr. Gbokie said some of the equipment would not be used at the district level as they can only be used at hospital.

Mr. Gbokie further stressed that there are other items like mattresses, rice and drug that would be distributed when assessment is done in the district.  “Those equipment that will be used for primary healthcare level we will provide, those at the secondary healthcare level, will also be provided. The other items like rice, mattresses, and children toys will be assorted and distributed to people in need,” Gbokie added.