Liberia: Redemption Hospital Gets Medical Boost

These items came just within time, the entire hospital is completely out of major supplies, most especially ‘gloves’ to execute crucial jobs” – John K. Shakpeh , Nursing Director, Redemption Hospital

Monrovia – The Redemption Hospital has benefited from a donation of assorted medical supplies from Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph. 

Sen. Joseph replaced President George Manneh Weah in the Senate in a by-election he won in 2018 after the 2017 Presidential and general election 

The Redemption Hospital situated in the densely populated impoverished community in New Kru Town, suburb of Monrovia, has for months now been challenged with lack of basic items to carryout medical operations.

As a means of easing the problem at the Hospital, Montserrado County Senator Joseph has donated several medical items to the hospital. The items were received through good will from partners in the United States and is worth millions of dollars according to Sen. Joseph.

Presenting the items Wednesday, the Senator indicated that central government is challenged with the downward turn of the economy, as such as national leader; he saw it befitting to connect with his partners abroad to help intervene to address the lack of major supplies at various hospitals in the country.

“We know how important Redemption is and the history of this hospital during the EBOLA crisis, as well as the partnership during the outbreak of this disease; so, I have come to give back to you,” the Senator averred.

Senator Joseph said the medical supplies were provided through a longstanding partnership with the “Gateway Medical Alliance”, a humanitarian group based in United States. “We did not bring drugs, but we have assorted items, including oxygen, gloves, equipment, most of those basic items you need to effectively run the Hospital,” the Senator explained.

As member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), the Senator said he was presenting the supplies on behalf of his office, the President and partners.

The Montserrado County Lawmaker as an Executive Member of the ruling party, indicated that their quest is to ensure that all of the hospitals, especially, the public hospitals are functional and offering free medical cares.

The Senator has meanwhile frowned on the idea of patients being requested to provide basic items for medical tests and treatments.

Receiving the items on behalf of Redemption, Mr. John K. Shakpeh, Director of Nursing, thanked the Lawmaker for the donation. “These items came just in time. The entire hospital is completely out of major supplies, most especially ‘gloves’ to execute crucial jobs”, Shakpeh  revealed. 

A total of thirty-Thousand gloves was provided for major medical operations.

Shakpeh described the donation as a major boost for the Hospital, especially at a time when the facility is challenged by the lack of these basic items. He promised that the items will be used for its intended purpose.

Also speaking, Sampson A. Woulu, an Intern Doctor at Redemption, craved the indulgence of the Senator to ensure that drugs are provided for the Hospital, and commended him for the intervention.